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Total Eclipse Assure Detox
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
August 12, 2011

It’s a novel enough idea: your body is filled with some foreign substance which Total Eclipse Assure Detox is specially designed to eliminate.

Maybe it’s not the most exciting concept in the world, but it’s certainly less disgusting than the infomercials for some of the first cleansers.

Total Eclipse Assure Detox doesn’t give you pictures of black, goopy, alien like things such as you might expect to see with certain other products. If that’s something that you’re worried about, then we can certainly see why you might skip the infomercial products and some of the flashier pages.

In that case, you might even end up skipping right to something like Total Eclipse Assure Detox, which seems pretty simple and straight to the point. So we won’t mince words or waste time, let’s get straight to the point.

Does Total Eclipse Assure Detox Cleanse?

Simply put, probably not. Technically, Total Eclipse Assure Detox does use one ingredient that has been clinically proven to cleanse, but having only one ingredient that we can be certain does as they say it will makes us a little skeptical about the overall effectiveness of this cleanser.

As is the case with many other types of cleansers, having multiple active ingredients is essential to get the best types of results possible.

Yes, milk thistle, Total Eclipse’s lonely ingredient, has been proven under the right circumstances to cleanse the body, and we see no reason why this one particular ingredient wouldn’t work.

However, there are so many other cleansing ingredients that every formula should use. Including one clinically proven ingredient can be helpful and effective, but the other ingredients included may change how that ingredient will work or whether it will be at all effective.

Rather than sticking with the tried and true, Total Eclipse Assure Detox actually invests more money in other ingredients that have never been used to detox the body. Some aren’t even technically related to weight loss.

Any Results?

Total Eclipse Assure Detox uses everything from anti-inflammatories to workout supplements. Were this a general weight loss supplement meant to take a number of different approaches, we would recommend this as a possible type of supplement. However, we find it very lacking as a cleansing agent.

We do believe that Total Eclipse Assure Detox might increase energy during workouts because of the creatine, but we also know that it might cause the bloating and stomach pain that it claims to avoid by avoiding cascara sagrada. Creatine is well-known for that particular side effect.

We think that it will probably improve regularity with the fiber psyllium seed, which again can cause stomach pain. In fact, we could even see it improving your immune levels and reducing pain with things like bromelain, but most of the ingredients aren’t really related to weight loss at all.

Should You Use Total Eclipse Assure Detox?

Total Eclipse Assure Detox uses a blend of unusual and unexpected ingredients. We see certain possibilities with Total Eclipse Assure Detox, but we also think that any detox or weight loss benefits will be rather mild at best.

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