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Trulene RX
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
August 27, 2011

Right from the start, Trulene RX sounds like most other diet pills we’re currently familiar with. It focuses on being the “ultimate fat burner”, and it brags about studies, even naming one of its very own, or so they say. Trulene RX cites a study which they basically tell you was conducted using this supplement. There’s really no way to mistake it. If that is the case, it would certainly be a first for a natural supplement, and you would think that would automatically put them on the FDA approved list. Judging by the fact that Alli is still considered the only FDA approved over the counter diet pill, we have a harder time believing this.

What is the Truth About Trulene RX?

Despite some of our doubts, Trulene RX does use some ingredients that are legitimately effective. It uses ingredients such as Dicaffeine malate, caffeine anhydrous, and theobromine, all of which have been used in the past to create a thermogenic fat burning effect. All of these work based on the fact that they have a certain amount of caffeine, meaning that you should be careful if you are especially sensitive to caffeine, but it has some potential, and that’s not the only weight loss formula that Trulene RX has.

In addition to all of this, Trulene RX also has natural appetite suppressants such as phenylethylamine, which is a natural chocolate derivative and something that has been called the “love drug” or the “happy drug” found in chocolate. It suppresses appetite and makes you feel good at the same time! Combined with synephrine (which also burns fat), you get an appetite suppressant that some have compared to prescription Phentermine.

What is Not True About Trulene RX

There is a study, we’re not disputing that fact. Whether Trulene RX is insinuating or stating that study to be about their product is another story though. The study, and we did look it up, covers a thermogenic supplement which significantly improves the effects of diet and exercise in all of the areas that Trulene RX indicates, which sounds great.

The only problem is that the study never names the “thermogenic diet supplement” used. We suspect that the study refers to a combination of a few ingredients rather than one specific pill, because we’re relatively sure any company involved would want their name published. It’s better for sales.

What Does This Mean for Trulene RX?

We don’t doubt that Trulene RX might use the formula used in this study or at least something similar to it. They would naturally have to contact the scientists who conducted the study, considering the fact that the study does not even detail the ingredients it did use. However, even if that turns out not to be true, Trulene RX does have clinically proven weight loss ingredients that can be combined to promote clinically proven weight loss results.

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jessica | April 3, 2014

Trulene RX sounded like a great diet pill, so I bought 3 bottles about a month ago. I just finished my first bottle and have lost 5 lbs, but my heart started jumping and fluttering and making me couch this past week when I started my 2nd bottle. I did not feel like this before and was wondering if anyone else has had these problems while taking trulene rx? It worries me and I’m afraid to take anymore. I would appreciate any feedback.

No, I do not recommend this product

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Gerry Barton | April 7, 2013

i have tried a lot of different diet pills, some work, some don’t. The thing that i hate about the diet pills that do work is that you feel like crap when you’re taking them. Nervous and stressed are common when you’re taking the strong diet pills. Trulene was very effective for helping me drop weight all the while making me feel good. It gave me lots of energy and focus which helped me exercise more. I lost a much needed 27 pds in three months. i still need to lose 20 more and i will take Trulene again to help me get there.

Yes, I recommend this product

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Kristi Smith | February 19, 2013
Best diet pill I've tried

I’ve tried many diet pills that have had the hype but lacked the results, that is until I tried Trulene. I first tried it six months ago after a friend recommended it to me. It gave me lots of energy and suppressed my appetite really well. I lost 34 lbs in a three month period. I used three bottles over that period of time using the two pill per day recommendation. I got great results and just ordered another three month supply.

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Bill Bristow | February 14, 2013
I love it

I’ve used Trulene rx for past two years on and off. It helps me train in the gym at a higher level, it helps me lose stubborn fat and i love the energy rush it gives me about a hour after taking it. i’m a believer

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Chris Scaglione | February 14, 2013
Works for me

I was very skeptical at first, but gave Trulene a try after a friend lost 46lbs in three months using product. I didn’t lose that much, but I lost 18lbs in two months and I’m not even working out. It definitely curbs my appetite and give me a ton of energy. I like the product and would recommend to give it a shot.

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