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vaso ultra
Brian Green
By Brian Green
April 24, 2013

Vaso Ultra is a new male enhancement supplement that operates under the belief that size really does matter. Actually, it seems to be just the same product as Vaso 9 with a different name.

The Vaso 9 and Vaso Ultra Websites are exactly the same.

According to advertisements, Vaso Ultra is “the next generation of penis expansion technology.” With natural ingredients, manufacturers claim to have harnessed the power to increase penis size and sexual power in a capsule.

Whenever I see boastful claims like these, I always have to take a second look. After all, they turn out to be wildly exaggerated most of the time. Let’s see if that’s the case with Vaso Ultra.

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Sifting Through Vaso Ultra’s Advertising

Vaso Ultra has already caused doubt with some pretty outrageous advertising claims. Here’s a roundup of these claims and the reality behind them.

Claim: Vaso-Ultra can increase penis size by 2 to 5 inches
Truth: No pill can increase penis size. Natural supplements increase blood flow to the penis, which may increase erection size, but they cannot increase natural penis size.

Claim: Vaso-Ultra is rated #1 by Sex Pill Insider magazine.
Truth: Sex Pill Insider is not a real magazine. Despite the image on the website, the only other mention I could find of Sex Pill Insider was on the male enhancement review aggregate site Sex Pill Guru. Here, “Sex Pill Insider” is simply a news feed relating to stories about Ron Jeremy, Charlie Sheen, and Viagra. Links to these stories are from various websites like—not to a Sex Pill Insider magazine.

Claim: Active ingredient tribulus terrestris is proven to be 40 times more powerful than top competing brands.
Truth: There are studies on tribulus terrestris’ effects on testosterone levels, but none relate to “competing brands.” This statistic appears to be pulled from thin air.

Already, I’m distrustful of Vaso Ultra based on these claims. For now, however, I’ll hope that they’re merely overzealous and that Vaso Ultra can do some good in the bedroom.

The People Behind Vaso Ultra

I wanted to know who was behind such scientifically doubtful claims, so I did some research on the company itself. Unfortunately, this search turned up mostly empty and what I did manage to uncover wasn’t good.

The website is registered through GoDaddy and Domains by Proxy, which registers domain names and keeps client information private. Usually, there’s a reason companies choose to hide their information this way. For example, Domains By Proxy is associated with scam websites including an identity theft service and a fake payday loan site.

However, I was able to track down some information on the manufacturers through their customer service hotline, 1-800-803-0479.

It seems this company also manufactures Vaso-9, a male enhancement supplement with the exact same claims and website layout. Vaso-9 has gotten in trouble before. On, one disgruntled user reported being charged $20.00 more than the amount he cited on [1]. When he called to correct the charge, customer service either didn’t answer or hung up.

The customer also reported the usage instructions and promises on the product he received were wildly different than those advertised on
Furthermore, is about 4 months old, while is brand new [2]. This tells me that the folks behind these products probably started to distance themselves from some of the complaints related to Vaso-9.

Either way, I wouldn’t trust this company.

What Ingredients Are in Vaso Ultra?

Manufacturers don’t give us a look at the ingredients in Vaso Ultra. However, a video on the website tells us 4 ingredients that make up the crux of the Vaso Ultra formula.


L-arginine is an amino acid that triggers nitric oxide production [3]. Nitric oxide expands blood vessels to carry more blood throughout the body, including the penis. This allows for a fuller, thicker erection. L-arginine is especially effective alongside l-citrulline, the next ingredient is Vaso Ultra.


Another amino acid, citrulline boosts nitric oxide levels through arginine conversion. These benefits were proven in a January 2009 study in which patients taking l-citrulline and l-arginine saw their nitric oxide levels rise despite sepsis and septic shock, which traditionally lowers N.O. levels [4].

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is said to be the active ingredient in Vaso Ultra. An herbal extract said to boost testosterone levels, tribulus terrestris may also prove useful in a male enhancement supplement. After all, testosterone increases sex drive, endurance, and athletic performance [5]. However, tribulus terrestris will not increase penis size, as is suggested by Vaso Ultra manufacturers.


Protodexx is the unique proprietary blend created by Vaso Ultra manufacturers. According to the website, it includes eurycoma longifolia, maca root, avena sativa, and long pepper.

Of these, eurycoma longifolia is probably the most helpful in Vaso Ultra. This herbal extract improves sexual performance by raising free testosterone levels by inhibiting aromatase. In one study, eurycoma longifolia lowered sex hormone binding globulin by 30% to raise circulating testosterone levels by 400% [6].

This formula doesn’t convince me Vaso Ultra will be effective for a few reasons.

First, the people behind Vaso Ultra don’t even seem to know what these ingredients do. They misspell and mispronounce l-citrulline in their informative video and say testosterone increases penis size, which is untrue.

Second, these ingredients are included in a proprietary blend. There’s no way to know if each ingredient is included in large enough amounts to be effective. And, judging by poor customer reviews on the earlier Vaso-9, there’s no reason to believe that’s the case in Vaso Ultra.

Overall, this formula looks more like a testosterone booster than a sex pill. Testosterone does have some positive benefits on sex drive, but I expect more from a male enhancement supplement.

How Do You Use Vaso Ultra?

One good thing about Vaso Ultra is that it doesn’t require you to take pills within a certain window of sexual activity. Instead, manufacturers recommend taking a serving about 2 hours after you’ve eaten. They say you should take the pills “once you’ve reached the 8-inch or 9-inch mark.”
Of course, Vaso Ultra won’t help grow your penis, so you don’t have to worry about that.

What’s the Best Deal on Vaso Ultra?

Vaso Ultra retails for $39.99 per bottle on However, there are multiple reports of customers being billed $59.99 for a 1-bottle purchase, with $20.00 charged for “shipping costs.” Be aware the price you’re quoted on is likely a lot smaller than what you’ll actually be charged.

Vaso Ultra manufacturers say they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, but customers report extreme difficulty getting this refund. They say customer service representatives are hostile, sometimes promising only a $10 refund, or hanging up on them altogether. Knowing this, I wouldn’t bet on cashing in on this guarantee.

Manufacturers also say Vaso Ultra is sold at “leading health food and vitamin retailers” throughout North American and Western Europe. They even say Vaso Ultra has a waiting list at GNC. However, customers who have called GNC and asked about Vaso Ultra have been told GNC has never heard of Vaso Ultra and has no plans to market it [1].

Should You Give Vaso Ultra a Try?

Testosterone does have a beneficial effect on sex drive, but I wouldn’t trust Vaso Ultra to deliver as well as it’s promised to.


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John | September 17, 2013

Been on ultra vaso for 3months now!no result

No, I do not recommend this product

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XAZ | August 12, 2013

I have been using Vaso Ultra for five and there is not even a little bit of increase in size or girth. Don’t use it .

No, I do not recommend this product

1 of 1 People Found This Review Helpful

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Alex | August 12, 2013

I have been using this product for the past five months and there is not even a bit of difference in size or girth.I used the product exactly as i was prescribed(Empty stomach). May be it might have worked for some but not for me. I just wanted to share so that it might help somebody to save their money. Out of six bottles i am almost done with five and no result yet.I am disappointed.

No, I do not recommend this product

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Daniel mays | July 29, 2013

I have been on Vaso ultra for about 15 weeks now and I haven’t seen any permanent penis growth. When I called the company they put me on hold hung up,and ever since refuse to return my calls emails and any calls I give go straight to voicemail.

No, I do not recommend this product

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mr upset | July 10, 2013

Let me just put it out thier I have tried many male enhancements. I have tried extenze/ vaso ultra/ naturally huge. I just ordered a three month supply of vaso ultra and I am an on my third day and let me say I should already feel the difference in how I perform because taking the pill is my excuse not work that hard. Lol!! But the product fails to deliver!!! Extenze was a great product but gave me chest pains after 3 weeks. One product that did deliver was naturally huge and I can say that after a few days wow I could see an increase in my sex drive by a 100%. But once I stopped taking naturally huge after 1 one week the performance went back to normal. The good thing about n h was I could just sit back and let the pill do the work. As far as vaso ultra if it dont deliver in the next two weeks I will be asking for my money back.

No, I do not recommend this product

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John smith | June 1, 2013

I have been taking vaso every day, for the past 3 weeks now… Haven’t mist a day and is taking as directed on an empty stomach. The product states it will take up to 12 weeks to start noticing or reaching maximize potential. We will wait and see… So far haven’t noticed a huge difference, more full and a bit of length …. :) 9 more weeks to go!!!!!!! I will be back to update. For now I give it 3 stars….

Yes, I recommend this product

1 of 1 People Found This Review Helpful

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David Portillo | May 10, 2013

I was a victim of vaso ultra scam of sold called making you bigger thay robed me fore about 80 dollars for 3 bottles ! But thank god I was all ready taking xanogen that’s also a male enhancement BUT one that really works ! I just ran out so I thought I try vaso ultra thir web sight was so convene so I try it the first day my dick was huge BUT that’s only cause I took 3 xanogen that day thire were my last one’s so I mixed it with it vaso in the combination blew my mind ! Now that I research vaso ultra (wich I should of done in the first place) it’s more Of a tastorme booster in with that I belive helped a lot ! I was 4times more thicker then regurlerly in about 2 inches longer ..

No, I do not recommend this product

1 of 1 People Found This Review Helpful

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John James | May 7, 2013

After reading what Brian wrote, frankly, I have to agree with him 100%. I have been using this product for approximately 3 weeks now and have not seen nor recorded any kind of actual increase. I will note though, as Brian did, that my sexual drive and endurance has increased a bit more than usual probably from the testosterone booster in the product. I read somewhere that size increase doesnt typically happen untill month two but extremely doubt that the product will actually provide an increase. With that being said I eventually do plan to meet with an actual physician or someone who specializes in this business to see if their is anything I can do since I would like a 3 inch gain… Currently sitting at 5 :-( lol anyways umm I will re post in approximately two months and let it be known if I do have an increase! Take care

Yes, I recommend this product

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