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Brian Green
By Brian Green
June 11, 2013

According to advertisements, Virilis Pro is a natural male enhancement supplement strong enough to deliver powerful results without a prescription. Using herbal ingredients, Virlis Pro is said to increase endurance, improve erection quality, and benefit overall sexual wellbeing.

For many men, issues in the bedroom are troubling, but not problematic enough to warrant prescription treatment. That’s the demographic Haute Health wants to target with Virilis Pro.

Virilis Pro has been successful enough to gain quite a following over the years. However, I want to know if that success is the result of a product that delivers or an advertising campaign that deceives.

Who Makes Virilis Pro?

Virilis Pro is manufactured and sold by Haute Health, a subsidiary of Carney and Carney Financial Services, LLC. Both companies are based in New Jersey, though neither posts any identifying information online.

To learn more, I looked up the address for Carney and Carney. This business is based in a residential home in Sicklerville, New Jersey. This isn’t automatically a bad thing, but my warning sensors always go off when a business producing popular supplements is home-based.

Furthermore, neither Carney and Carney nor Haute Health is registered with the Better Business Bureau. Again, this isn’t necessarily cause for alarm, but it makes me slightly suspicious.

In fact, the only information available on either company is mentioned in a lawsuit filed against Haute Health, Carney and Carney, and a group called the Solid Rock Worship Company. The plaintiff is a man who claimed taking Virilis Pro caused his penis to fracture. As a result, he is now unable to reproduce or have sex.

As evidence, the man cites his doctor’s opinion that Virilis Pro was responsible for this accident. However, most urologists consulted agree that it is very unlikely Virilis Pro caused the penile fracture. Instead, they say, penile fractures are more often caused when a man’s penis hits his partner’s pelvic bone.

This lawsuit and the anonymity of Haute Health make Virlis Pro’s manufacturer seem a little shady. However, all this could amount to nothing. The real question is how well the Virilis Pro formula improves sexual function.

Is the Virilis Pro Formula Effective?

Virlis Pro packs 6 herbal ingredients in a rather small 450 mg proprietary blend. While I like formulas with fewer ingredients, I’m not sure a 450 mg serving is enough to include each ingredient in its proper amount.

Nevertheless, I’ll examine the Virilis Pro ingredients. Perhaps there’s something here strong enough to trigger benefits, even in small amounts.


More commonly known as horny goat weed, epimedium is a main-staple in herbal male enhancement supplements. Often called “the next Viagra,” epimedium is thought to increase libido by triggering greater nitric oxide levels. This promotes blood flow and supports a healthy erection.

Studies on epimedium show heightened libido in both men and women [1].

Tribulus Terrestris

An herbal extract believed to boost testosterone levels, tribulus terrestris increases sex drive, endurance and performance through the male sex hormone. These benefits were scientifically observed in rates, though anecdotal evidence suggests the effects carry over to humans [2].

Additionally, increased testosterone may improve athletic performance and muscle definition, though these are not benefits advertised with Virilis Pro.

Panax Ginseng

Panax ginseng is considered an “adaptogen,” which means it improves the body’s response to stress. This increases both physical and cognitive endurance, which may translate to better sex. If your primary hang up in the bedroom is stress, panax ginseng may improve your performance.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola is another adaptogen meant to increase your strength and endurance. Rhodiola also stimulates the corpus caverosum muscle cells in the penis, which is said to increase sexual energy. Some nutritionists suggest rhodiola may also prevent premature ejaculation, though more study is needed to confirm these benefits [3].

Lycium Chinese

A Chinese shrub, lycium is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Supporters say it lowers blood pressure and blood sugar, which may support energy and erection quality. However, there is not enough evidence to prove lycium provides these benefits.


A powerful stimulant often used to trigger weight loss, yohimbe bark may also increase sexual energy. Particularly ambitious manufacturers suggest yohimbe also triggers penis growth, but the evidence here is iffy. There’s virtually nothing short of going under the knife that increases penis size.

I’m quite impressed with Virils Pro’s ingredients. Many are scientifically-tested and proven effective, and customers seem to like the formula as well. Virilis Pro currently boasts a 4.5/5-star rating on, with just 1 reviewer giving the product a 1-star rating.

Even with such a small proprietary blend, it seems Haute Health managed to include enough of each ingredient to produce reliable results.

Could Virilis Pro Cause Side Effects?

Despite the horror story one man experienced with Virilis Pro, there’s nothing in this male enhancement supplement that causes penile fractures.

However, some Virilis Pro ingredients come with other side effects attached. Epimedium, for example, may cause dizziness, vomiting, and dry mouth with long-term use. Panax ginseng and lycium Chinese produce similar side effects.

However, the real issue here is yohimbe. Yohimbe is a potent stimulant and has been linked to irregular heartbeat, kidney failure, seizure, and even heart attack and stroke.

If you already have a heart condition, you may not want to use Virilis Pro. Yohimbe could worsen your condition and increase your risk of cardiac arrest. Before taking Virilis Pro, speak with your doctor.

What’s the Best Deal on Virilis Pro?

On, Virilis Pro costs $59.99 per bottle. By buying 2 or 3 bottles at a time, you can save $20 and $30, respectively.

This is a pretty average price for a natural male enhancement supplement. However, there are other online retailers that offer a discount on Virilis Pro., for example, sells the same 1-month supply for $26.06. Or, if you’d prefer to try Virilis Pro before committing to an entire bottle, Amazon sells a 2-capsule pack for $3.01. This serving size is supposedly good for 3 days.

The average Virilis Pro price fluctuates quite a bit, so make sure to check shopping aggregates like Google Shopping to find the best deal on this product.

Is Virilis Pro Worth Trying?

If you’re not sensitive to stimulants, Virilis Pro might be worth a try. It’s affordably priced and has a decent track record with consumers, despite the lawsuit against its manufacturers.

However, Virilis Pro isn’t right for everyone. This product contains yohimbe and other powerful stimulants, which may be a danger for men sensitive to stimulants or with heart conditions.


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