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Vital HGH
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
May 13, 2011

Vital HGH is another HGH supplement to recently hit the shelves. Instead of being taken in pill form though, Vital HGH comes as a homeopathic spray. This supposedly increases the bio-availability of the supplement and makes using the product a little more convenient. As most HGH products are, Vital HGH is meant to boost levels of energy, promote the growth of muscle and bone, accelerate metabolism, and restore feelings of youth and vitality. These benefits would be great, but can Vital HGH really provide them?

As we looked into Vital HGH, we saw that it contains some ingredients worth looking into. Of course it contains HGH. This HGH is obviously not really the HGH taken from another human like they did back in the 1970’s. Vital HGH contains HGH that was pharmaceutically produced. This ingredient would be effective if it weren’t watered down in a homeopathic formula. Homeopathy is form of alternative medicine that always seems to dilute its ingredients to the point that they have no effect. Though some swear by it, scientific evidence shows that homeopathic treatments work no better than placebos.

Vital HGH also contains Pituitarum and Hepar. Pituitarum is supposedly pituitary extract. When supplements use Pituitarium, it is usually harvested from a cow’s pituitary. Unfortunately, this could potentially transmit mad-cow disease. Vital HGH however does not list where they harvest their Pituitarium from. In any case, it is supposed to support healthy endocrine function in order to help develop muscle tissue, increase strength, and foster deep and restful sleep.

Hepar, the third ingredient, is liver extract. Again we’re not sure what animal’s liver they harvested in order to include this ingredient. The idea behind Hepar is that it encourages healthy liver function by aiding in the production and synthesis of IGF-1. IGF-1 helps further build bone and muscle by helping cells multiply and grow.

In the end, these ingredients seem to be decent in theory but there are just a few too many question marks about Vital HGH’s formula to consider using it. The first concern is its homepathic nature. Most homeopathic products we’ve used turn out to be nothing more than water. The second concern is the source of Vital HGH’s pituitary and liver extracts. While they might be effective, they may also be dangerous, carrying viruses like mad-cow disease. We would recommend using something else.

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