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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
February 9, 2010

When so many muscle-building supplements claim to be able to work as hard as you do, there are very few that are really capable of offering you anything more than protein. So when we saw that Vyotech Nutritionals’ 17-HD claims to be the jack of all trades of muscle-building supplements, we decided to take a closer look at this product to see if it was really worth our time and money.

What Is 17-HD?

17-HD is sort of like a basketball player who can play multiple positions. When a basketball player can play two positions or more they are often referred to as a combo player. Well, 17-HD is kind of a combo supplement because it is said to be a weight loss supplement in addition to a being a muscle building supplement.

Some people consider 17-HD a weight loss pill, others would say it is a muscle building supplement, but does it work to help you in either situation? We decided to put the ingredients in 17-HD to the test to see whether this supplement could really compare to the top in the industry.

Ingredients in 17-HD

Although 17-HD is a discontinued product, there are still many secondary vendors who will distribute 17-HD for many years. The upside of this is that these vendors can often sell the product for a substantially lower price, but the downside is that you usually don’t get to know as much about the ingredients before you buy.

However, a little bit of digging reveals 17-HD’s ingredients to be less than exceptional. Basically, you get a few natural ingredients that are also used as laxatives and 17-Halo-Methyl-Dianadrone, which is commonly thought to increase levels of testosterone.

17-HD is a proprietary blend of Ge Gan, Smilax Officinalis and N.O. Olilacae and 100 mg of Betaecdysterone, Wild Yam extract and Glabra and 50 mg of Phosphatidyl cholin and citiric acid.

Although these are definitely not the most exciting ingredients we have ever seen, we can’t help but be impressed that they aren’t harmful and synthetic, and they will most likely not pose any real risk of side effects.

How Do You Take 17-HD?

17-HD is designed to be taken prior to workouts, so even if it can be considered a weight loss or dietary pill, it really is more geared toward the regular weight lifters. But even with a deceptive name like 17-HD, this supplement is more of an herbal pick-me-up than a strong muscle booster.

Our Opinion

Even though we are always interested in products that claim to be able to do it all for you, it doesn’t look like 17-HD can really compare to the top muscle building supplements that we have seen elsewhere. However, if you are not looking for a huge energy rush or more testosterone, 17-HD might be just the supplement for you.

Just remember that if you do buy 17-HD, make sure it is from an authorized secondary source like Amazon or eBay so that you don’t have to worry about your confidential information being stolen.

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4.0 / 5.0


Anonymous | May 5, 2011

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Mike | October 14, 2010
17-HD experience

Im currently not taking this supplement anymore, but I plan to start back on it pretty soon. Different things have happened in the last few year (new kids, work changes etc.) that hast allowed me to work out much. But aside from that, I started taking it probably around January, and at that time I was weighing 170, and maxed out benching 185 and was stuck on it. within three weeks I was up to 200. In March to April I was maxed out at 250. So I would say going from 185 to 250 in three months is a significant increase. I was also taking the booster that you can buy with it as well as NoXpode prior to work out. Hope this helps.

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dickhead | August 18, 2010
good shit

it’s ok

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Graham of England, UK | April 2, 2008
Mixed Reaction

After hearing so much about Vyotech 17 HD I have recently decided to give it a whirl. There is no doubting the surge of energy after the very first pill. I was able to work out for much longer and with more intensity. The downside I expereiced was that my heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest! I am a long distance runner and would not recommend for anyone mixing weights and cardio. You do have more energy, though I found my body almost rejecting it which resulted in pulling over mid run and vomiting! Those who just do weights, you will definitely see the benefits!

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Shane of Michigan, USA | March 1, 2008
works great

I learned about Vyotech through my brother. So I decided to go buy a bottle and check it out. I was suprised to see that all of the reviews read was dead on. I was working out for about 2 hrs. which is usually were I take my break for the day and I felt like a surge of energy which was effing crazy. I ended up staying there for another hour and when I stopped I’m 100% sure that I could of gone for at least an hour more. Love the product and will stay on it for a very long time.

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vince of Ohio, USA | January 30, 2008
great mental edge

I have tried 17 HD before and am on it again after an arm surgery. before i have to say it gave me a huge jump in strength. to me a lot of lifting is mental, and before i deadlift, for example, i imagine i’m a grizzly bear. then i just go for it – and on this product i truly feel insane while lifting. i guess that makes it kinda dangerous for people with anger issues, but i was able to make a very strong mind/body connection. i recommend it for experienced lifters looking for a new edge.

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chris of Florida, USA | January 17, 2008
unstoppable but killed sex drive

k I have tried many pre work out products and none compares to this. Its like taking crack lol..you will never feel more energized in yer life. The only 2 things bad about it is I kinda did shake like you do when u drink redlinebut that went away after the workout, and I felt unstopable and kinda felt like I needed to fight. The worst part was later that night if your trying to please yer lady dont count on it. Like all testoserone it was difficult to become erect. Other then that, best product out there

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Eric of North Carolina, USA | January 2, 2008
Just OK...

I recently finished taking 17 HD, which I stacked with NO2 Platinum and Muscle Milk, and I have mixed opinions about it. When I first started taking it, my energy and gains were extraordinary. It seemed like on the first day I was lifting ten to fifteen pounds more and I was able to stay in the gym for hours. Gradually, the gains began to level off and the energy level return to normal and after about week 4 I could hardly tell a difference. Also, the stuff made me breakout terribly. Right now, I don’t think I will take 17 HD again unless I’ve hit a plateau.

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Cameron of British Columbia, Canada | December 20, 2007
works well

I haven’t ttried a full bottle of this stuff but my friend allowed me to take one and I found I could work out longer at tthe gym and barely got fatigued and after I left i felt so pumped I went back to the gym a half hour not even later and worked out again definite energy booster.

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Nick of Massachusetts, USA | December 6, 2007
its OK

I have gone through two cycles of 17hd previously before. I did not notice much the first time i tried 17hd, but the second time around i stacked it with NO xplod and gained a ton of strength. Some people say it gives you energy in the gym, I didnt notice any

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Brian of Utah, USA | November 3, 2007

I’ve been lifting weights for 20 years. Before taking 17-HD I felt like I was getting old and was tired all the time. After a week of taking it I feel like I have the strength of an ox, like I was 20 again. And Im recovering from workouts like I was 20 too. Incredible.

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Alex of Arkansas, USA | October 19, 2007
6 weeks and reaping the benefits

Definitely a good product. Some people make the mistake of staying on it for months, which I wouldn’t recommend. Instead, use it for 6 weeks, switch to another type of supplement (testo-booster or prohormone, etc.) and then cycle back on, repeat.6-oxo is a good way to avoid the drag effect between cycles and continue to keep testosterone managiable cycling this product or anything similar. Wanna add 50 pounds on squats? 17-HD will work!

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