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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
March 11, 2010

As a company, Weider has always been known for muscle building supplements.

They have gained the support of many professional bodybuilders, and they have talked about their products being the most amazing innovation in muscle building.

Recently, they have transferred their name over to weight loss with the Weider Fat Burner. Now, muscle building and weight loss are not necessarily all that different. In fact, building muscle is one of the best ways in which to lose fat, but Weider may not have taken that route with this fat burner.

All in all, relying on the company’s reputation may be a good idea in this case, but it is uncertain whether they actually came through.

Wedier Fat Burner Ingredients

Weider Fat Burner is an all natural diet aid using green tea, kola nut, caffeine, cinnamon powder, and cayenne powder. Now, as you can see they keep it pretty cut and dry.

They use some common ingredients you will find in most other supplements. This may be because all of their ingredients are potentially active weight loss ingredients. With this in mind, there are some possibilities for real weight loss here.

The main concern for any type of supplement is whether they use the right ingredients in the right amount. Unfortunately, like so many others before and since, the makers of Weider Fat Burner don’t actually bother using the right amounts.

With green tea, you need about 400mg, and they use 150mg. Likewise, caffeine requires a similar 400mg, and they use a total of 100mg. Two of their ingredients are known for small results at best, and when it comes right down to it, Weider Fat Burner does not actually have anything more than your average diet pill.

Consumer Reviews

Most of the consumer reviews we found mentioned that they felt more energized and able to workout longer with this fat burner, though not many mentioned that they had lost a lot of weight through the use of this product. The general opinion of Weider Fat Burners was positive, but there was not much information about how effective it was in helping individuals to lose weight.

This weight loss supplement may be good for those that have a high sensitivity to caffeine since it uses less than other types of supplements.

Is It Safe?

There were no reported side effects for Weider Fat Burners. There were also no health warnings concerning the safety of this product.

What We Recommend

As part of an overall lifestyle change or choice to increase the amount of healthy foods and exercise in your diet, we think that Weider Fat Burners can be beneficial in helping you to lose weight through that process.

As a supplement by itself, however, Weider Fat Burners do not have sufficient dosages for promoting weight loss if not combined with other types of healthy habits.

With that in mind, we would recommend Weider Fat Burners if you are looking for a product to help speed up your weight loss process, but not if you are looking for an extremely powerful weight loss supplement.

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