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Wrinkleless Cream
Marissa Taylor
By Marissa Taylor
September 11, 2013

Aloe Ferox Wrinkleless Cream has a “unique formula of 6 herbs each playing a specific role in the battle against wrinkles.”

According to manufacturers, Wrinkleless Cream nourishes skin, repairs skin tissue, and delays formation of wrinkles.

Should Wrinkleless Cream be your choice for fighting wrinkles?

Inside a Bottle of Wrinkleless Cream

Manufacturers claim Wrinkleless Cream’s ingredients are natural and ideal for sensitive skin. Some of the most important ingredients include the following:

Aloe Ferox. In one study, 30 women over age 45 used aloe vera gel for 90 days. Facial wrinkles improved significantly. It was theorized aloe vera increases collagen production and improves wrinkles and elasticity. [1] Wrinkleless Cream manufacturers claim aloe ferox, which is similar to aloe vera, is even stronger than aloe vera due to additional active compounds it contains, such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Aloe ferox has shown to have significant antioxidant capacity; however, additional studies are needed. [2]

Evening Primrose Oil. Healthy adults took evening primrose oil in soft gel capsules for 12 weeks. Skin moisture, elasticity, firmness, fatigue resistance, and roughness significantly improved. [3] Although this study focused on ingested—not topically administered—evening primrose oil, it’s known topical evening primrose oil treats skin conditions like eczema and nourishes skin cells. [4]

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride. This is a type of fatty acid found in coconut and palm oil said to have a silky feel on skin. [5] It repairs skin and prevents moisture loss. Although some believe its fatty acid content clogs pores, others say its medium-chain fatty acids reduce inflammation and breakouts. [6]

Cetearyl Alcohol. This mixture of fatty alcohols is used in cosmetics as a thickener and foaming agent and is also an emollient that softens skin.[7]

Glycerin. Glycerin hydrates and moisturizes skin and heals breakouts and wounds. It’s typically derived from vegetable oil. [8]

Inside the Company: Aloe Ferox USA

Though an American company, Aloe Ferox USA distributes aloe ferox products manufactured by Aloe Ferox SA (South Africa). According to the company, aloe ferox is available only from one South African province. They also state over 130 biological active compounds from aloe ferox have been reported so far, including amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Aloe Ferox USA employees say their products are pure, natural, and non-toxic.

Does Wrinkleless Cream Cause Side Effects?

It doesn’t appear Wrinkleless Cream has ingredients that cause side effects, although as with any skincare cream, some people’s skin may react negatively to certain ingredients.

Wrinkleless Cream is also available in non-perfumed form for sensitive skin.

How to Buy Wrinkleless Cream

You can buy Wrinkleless Cream through a distributor (a list is available at AloeFerox.us, under the tab “Where to Buy Aloe Ferox Products”). It looks like you can’t buy it directly from the company unless you’re a distributor. Also, prices are not included on the website and may change depending on the distributor. This buying process could prove complicated.

Unfolding the Wrinkles on Wrinkleless Cream

Wrinkleless Cream contains natural ingredients, including the interesting and dynamic aloe ferox. It should be safe to use for all skin types, although it appears formulated to prevent wrinkles, not to remove wrinkles that are already there.

However, there’s no pricing information available, so it’s hard to say if Wrinkleless Cream is worth the investment. There are also no customer reviews indicating whether it works.

If you get in touch with a distributor, be sure to get more information from them about Wrinkleless Cream before making a buying decision.


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b andrews | March 3, 2015

the free trial is a scam. within two weeks I was charged $239.80. the invoice never said how much just the shipping charge. beware

No, I do not recommend this product

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B Andrews | March 3, 2015

this about a 30 auto renewal with a charge of $239.80 which took place from 1/29/2015 to 2/9/2015. when called after receiving my credit card charge I was told too late. that’s not 30 days with no billing notice. be warned because they will not tell you. B Andrews

No, I do not recommend this product

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