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Sheena Jones
By Sheena Jones
September 10, 2013

X-Out offers the “zit fighting you need in 1 simple step.”

An acne treatment geared specially for teenagers, X-Out contains a “prescription-grade acne medicine that gets sucked deep into pores,” to eliminate breakout-causing bacteria.

Advertisers assure the simple, 2 minute, twice-a-day application eliminates blemishes and puts you “on your way to clear skin.”

While X-Out may sound promising, a closer look at the product indicates whether it’s worth using.

How Is X-Out Formulated?

The only active ingredient in X-Out is benzoyl peroxide, with a concentration of 8.5 %.

Benzoyl peroxide is regarded as the “most effective over-the-counter choice for a topical antibacterial agent in treating blemishes.” The substance has the ability to penetrate into hair follicle and kill bacteria, thus minimizing the occurrence of breakouts. [1]

But despite these benefits, benzoyl peroxide should be used with caution. WebMD experts note benzoyl peroxide may cause skin reactions such as peeling, itching, and irritation. Using a smaller amount or reducing the frequency of treatment may reduce this problem. [2]

What Have Consumers Said?

A YouTube user named Sara Nicole recorded her experience in using X-Out. She likes how it is quick and easy and saves “a shelf-full of space.” She disliked the smell, however. “I like products that kind of smell nice. It’s just nice to wash your face in something that smells good,” Sara remarked.

Having a clean face was one of the aspects Sara liked about X-Out, but it dried her skin. When she washed her face with it, the dried skin burned and itched. She even experienced painful blisters.

Sara admitted that because X-Out is potent, only those with acne problems rather than a few blemishes should use it. “If you have pretty clear skin and a breakout every so often, I wouldn’t even invest in it,” she advised.

How Much Does It Cost?

XOut.com is the only website which sells the product, and there are several different options for purchase:

• 30-day Basic Kit – $19.95
• 90-day Basic Kit – $59.85
• 30-day Deluxe Kit – $29.95
• 90-day Deluxe Kit – $89.85

The Deluxe kit come with two extra products: Spot Corrector and Daily Body Scrub.

The product also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied.

Who Makes X-Out?

X-Out is developed and marketed by beauty and wellness company Guthy-Renker. The company began in the 1980s and markets skincare products. X-Out is one of its newer products, debuting in 2011.

When I had questions about the ingredients in X-Out, I called the customer service line, and the representative was courteous and polite. He occasionally put me on hold to provide me with accurate information. I noticed the customer service line is open 24/7, an indication the company values its customers.

Should You Buy X-Out?

Benzoyl peroxide is highly potent and appears to effectively treat acne, and users looking to solve acne problems will likely be satisfied.

Yet scientific and anecdotal reports indicate X-Out dries and irritates skin. Based on user remarks, it seems this acne cream is mostly intended for those with serious—rather than mild—acne problems.


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