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Marissa Taylor
By Marissa Taylor
February 23, 2012

If you have doubts about abilities in the bedroom you are not alone.

In fact many men feel anxiety about their sexual performance because of a perception that their penis is too small.

Unfortunately most men that are second guessing their endowment are too embarrassed to do much about it.

That’s unfortunate as there are more treatments available than ever before that are capable of giving you a fuller erection, more stamina and a stronger libido.

Xcel for instant is a male enhancement that is a little more unique than those on the market today as you actually wear it as a patch. This means you don’t have to resort to ineffective pills, dangerous mechanical devices or exercises to get the big penis size you desire.

Let’s take a closer look at how Xcel works to see if it is truly the product men everywhere have been looking for to boost their self confidence and give them back the sexual relationship they want and need.

What Results Can You Expect When Using Xcel?

• Increase in the size of your penis by up to 30%
• Add 1-3 inches in length and up to an inch in girth, in a matter of weeks
• Maintain larger, firmer erections
• Achieve a more active, fulfilling sex life
• Provides you with permanent results

How Does Xcel Provide You With These Sought After Results?

One of the appealing attributes of this product is that it comes in the form or a patch. This may seem as if it is a pesky hassle but patches are taking over the industry right now because the ingredients delivered through them get sent directly to the blood stream for immediate results rather than having to pass through your digestive system first.

However when it comes to ingredients this product is lacking in well, providing any information regarding them whatsoever. The formulators claim that the patch is one hundred percent natural and completely safe. However what they forget to include is the facts about what those ingredients are and who has deemed them safe for daily use.

How Much Is Xcel?

Xcel is extremely pricey as it comes in sheets of 6 which will last you fifteen days and each sheet retails at $39.99. That is a huge investment over time and although you can buy in bulk will still mean frequent renewal of the product. There is also no information regarding money back guarantees making this product a big risk overall.

Should You Purchase Xcel?

Xcel does boast of results that sound really great however with no information on how the formula achieves those results there is really no way to gauge if it even is capable. When you consider the overall lack of information behind this product when it comes to safety you simply can’t justify purchasing while knowing the risk. I would recommend looking for a product that provides similar results yet offers more peace of mind as well.

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