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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
March 11, 2010

If you want to be thin and trim again, Xerisan ASA will help you to achieve all of those better results. Xerisan ASA will help you to naturally increase metabolism, curb appetite, boost energy, and melt fat at the same time, and with Xerisan ASA, you will finally be able to get that dream body that you want again. Xerisan ASA can do it all!

But how does this revolutionary diet pill known as Xerisan ASA actually work? Xerisan ASA uses a blend of phasoleus vulgaris, synephrine, chromium picolinate, and calcium pyruvate. Now of course, synephrine has been known to burn more fat, suppress appetite, and increase natural energy all at the same time. Likewise, phaseolus vulgaris has been known to compliment a low carb diet by blocking and binding a certain percentage of your natural carb intake. But they don’t actually have the needed amounts of these ingredients to actually produce results.

Moreover, the simple fact is that chromium picolinate and calcium pyruvate do not promote weight loss. There is one study that seems to be a fluke more than anything else. But realistically that was conducted on athletes, and it has never actually been replicated since. This being said, chromium would not be counted as being clinically proven. So obviously, these will not actually work out.

We would not suggest using Xerisan ASA. It is a waste of time and money, and Xerisan ASA will not help you to lose any weight or achieve any greater results. There are far greater products out there to say the least, and we would definitely recommend that you look into them instead for the greater weight loss results in general that you are actually looking for.

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