Yerba Mate Reviews

Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
March 11, 2010

A small flowering plant found in the rainforests of Brazil, yerba mate claims that you can finally take control and get the weight loss that you want, or at least its supporters do. They say that yerba mate has natural caffeine, allowing it to burn more fat and effectively give you greater results than ever before. But the actual results deny this. The clinical studies show that on its own, yerba mate does not have any effect. It does not promote fat burning, it does not suppress appetite, it has no weight loss properties whatsoever. Now when combined with damiana and guarana, it can actually promote a greater feeling of satiety over a longer period of time by slowing the rate of gastric emptying. However, the amounts used in that study remain undisclosed, and a study using the same amounts on menopausal women of all types showed that some actually gained weight and overall they lost less than the placebo. So obviously, it depends on the person and grouping. However, it is only when in this combination that yerba mate works to promote weight loss at all.

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