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Zerona Lipo Laser
Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
September 2, 2011

Zerona Lipo Laser is the first cold laser treatment in the world. While hot lasers have been used to burn fat (as an alternative to liposuction), remove tattoos, remove excess hair, and for a number of other benefits, Zerona Lipo Laser is exclusively used for weight loss, but not via fat burning. Zerona Lipo Laser is more focused on transporting fat out of the body on a cellular level.

Why You Might Choose Zerona Lipo Laser

Over a regular laser or liposuction, we should specify that. Why would you choose Zerona Lipo Laser over other longstanding options like liposuction or the traditional laser treatment. Those methods have been through multiple clinical studies, and the long term side effects have been assessed and published so that you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Most people choose Zerona Lipo Laser, because it’s not a hot laser. Therefore, it will not burn the skin, at least not so far. It costs about the same as a regular laser treatment, you have to get just as many, and it takes the same amount of time (for one treatment) as hot laser. The recovery time, just like a hot laser, is minimal if you have to take any recovery time at all. Everything else is objectively about the same.

Why You Might Not Zerona Lipo Laser

Zerona Lipo Laser is simply not tested like conventional laser treatments have been tested, and it definitely does not have the longstanding history of liposuction. In fact, so far, we cannot cite a single clinical study that confirms the effects of Zerona Lipo Laser.

Considering the fact that all of the positive reviews are featured on the Zerona Lipo Laser website, we cannot even confirm or deny the authenticity of those reviews. There are certainly plenty of negative reviews on other sites.

Should You Use Zerona Lipo Laser?

Zerona Lipo Laser leaves us with a lot of questions. It’s a cold laser, meaning that it does not heat up the skin, it does not heat up fat, and it does not burn fat in the conventional sense. Yes, Zerona Lipo Laser has a pretty explanation of exactly how it gets rid of your excess weight, but so far, it’s only a story.

Zerona Lipo Laser does not legitimize its approach with any specific clinical studies, staying very vague about all of the details that matter and the things that we feel that we need to know. As a laser, Zerona Lipo Laser does not have any ingredients per say, and it does not have a follow up supplement that might have clinically proven weight loss ingredients, which leaves us at a real loss for reasons why Zerona Lipo Laser might work.

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