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Derek Peterson
By Derek Peterson
March 12, 2010

Giving you the all natural ViscoFiber, ZetaCap claims that you can lose more weight and see the better results using a super digestible, non stimulant based product that is not a fat blocker or a diuretic. Basically, they are telling you about all the harmful things that they don’t actually do. So the question is what does ZetaCap actually do? Does ZetaCap actually promote greater weight loss in general or results in general? Can you feel full and eat less for hours at a time?

ZetaCap is no magical diet pill that will help you to lose pounds and inches without diet and exercise. It will not shed away the pounds or help you to melt into your best dress. It won’t help you to do a lot of things or anything in fact. They talk about using ViscoFiber. ViscoFiber is a patented fiber that can therefore provide you with greater regularity and otherwise.

But the only fiber that really suppresses appetite is known as glucomannan, not ViscoFiber, and it is ultimately not found in ZetaCap. Yes, there is a fiber that can work. But ZetaCap does not have it, and ultimately speaking, it does not have what you would need in general to achieve greater results. When it comes to ZetaCap, you are just wasting time and money, and there are without question far better options that can actually help you to lose more weight and achieve better results. But simply put, you will not actually find them here. So we would suggest that you look elsewhere.

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