Brand New Probiotic


We will do a thorough analysis of Sportbiotic’s ingredients and effectiveness as soon as the company released the ingredient information.

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Sportbiotic is the newest supplement to be announced from AI Sports Nutrition. It will be a chewable capsule designed specifically for athlete digestive health.

The company has not released any ingredient information, but based on the name we expect Sportbiotic will be a probiotic supplement.

This is not AI Sports’s first foray into the probiotic world. In December 2014 they released a product called “Probiotic Powder,” a simple, powerful probiotic supplement.

Sportbiotic will likely contain the same probiotic as its powder predecessor along with other new compounds. AI Sports says it will be available in 2 mouth-watering flavors.

We’re excited to try Sportbiotic and will do a thorough analysis as soon as more information is made available.