BPI Sports just unveiled its latest focus and fat-blasting supplement, Burn XS.

BPI Burn XS has been receiving a lot of hype already, so I decided to take a look at all the information available so far to see if it is worth waiting for or not.

What Can We Expect?

BPI Burn XS features some pretty impressive ingredients, using several mental-boosting compounds as well as weight-loss ingredients, too.

BPI Burn XS features 2 proprietary blends, each focusing on either nootropic-enhancing and weight-loss components.

The first ingredient in the Nootropic & Neurocognitive Blend is CDP-Choline. This ingredient supports memory and cognition and has been used to combat cognitive decline as a result from aging. [1] Choline has also been studied for its ability to reduce body mass. [2]

Picamilon is another ingredient in this blend, and it has been studied for its ability to ameliorate blood flow to the brain. It has been the subject of a couple studies in which it was found to have short term memory. [3]

Breaking into the Lipotropic Blend, there are equally as effective ingredients to help you shed some weight in combination with exercise and a healthy diet.

Caffeine is a key ingredient in BPI Burn XS, and this is because caffeine is used both to improve alertness as well as boost metabolism to support weight-loss. [4]

There are more trace amounts of caffeine in cocoa seed extract, which is also in this blend.

Another stimulant in BPI Burn XS is yohimbe bark providing yohimbine HCL. Yohimbine was shown to improve average body fat levels in soccer athletes. [5]

Citrus aurantium, also known as bitter orange, is another compound in BPI Burn XS that is used as a thermogenic. [6]

Pricing and Use

As BPI Burn XS hasn’t been officially released yet, I’m not sure how much one bottle will retail for. It will provide 40 capsules per bottle. Some websites have it listed as $20, though.

If BPI Burn XS is similar to its other products, like BPI Roxy, you may just need to take one capsule per day. As soon as more information is released, I’ll be sure to update this review!


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