Possible New BSN Protein

Looks like a promising supplement
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The FIBO Fitness Expo in Germany is nearly here, and a recent photo of a new BSN product has the supplement world on fire.

BSN evidently intends to announce a brand-new product: Syntha-6 Edge. Unfortunately, the company is staying tight-lipped on the matter.

While all we have is the photo, we can make out some details from the label.

Syntha-6 Edge looks like a variation of BSN’s popular protein, Syntha-6.

This new formula is a 20-serving, 1.7-pound tub, which makes it about 40 g/serving. The label seems to list 24 grams of protein, with 11 amino acids.

I like the original Syntha-6 and am excited to get my hands on Syntha-6 Edge as soon as it’s released! I’ll keep you updated and have a full review when BSN releases more information.