Cellucor CN3 is a 2 in 1 super compound providing 3 g of creatine nitrate per serving. Although Cellucor CN3 hasn’t been released yet, there is some information available already about what we can expect.

The Inside Scoop on Cellucor CN3

Cellucor CN3 will provide creatine nitrate, which is a more readily available form of creatine. Creatine is often supplemented with to improve energy output by aiding ATP synthesis by supplying an extra phosophate. [1] ATP is the body’s main source of energy during anaerobic exercise.

Another beneficial side effect of creatine is that creatine helps draw water into the muscles to keep them hydrated and anabolic, which tends to make them appear pumped or slightly bigger.

Each serving will also provide 500 mg of vitamin c, which is a plus because this vitamin c helps prevent nitrate tolerance. [2]

Additionally, each bottle will provide 45 servings and come in an unflavored option. Whether flavors will be added to the Cellucor CN3 lineup before its official release, I’m not too sure at the moment.

However, once more information is released, I will be updating this review!


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