Does all-natural testosterone boosting work?

Effective ingredients, but unknown doses

Cellucor P6 Extreme contains a good mix of ingredients, but the proprietary blend means we don’t know for certain how effective they will be. We like the product, and Cellucor has a good reputation, but it might not be the best testosterone booster out there.

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Testosterone supplements and medications are being advertised and talked about more than ever, and Cellucor P6 Extreme is one testosterone supplement a lot of people are asking about recently.

What’s interesting about Cellucor P6 Extreme is that it’s made to increase testosterone, while blocking estrogen and minimizing DHT conversion. That combination is promising, but does Cellucor really make it happen with P6 Extreme?

How much improvement could you see in the gym if your testosterone levels were higher? That’s the magical allure of testosterone boosters like Cellucor P6 Extreme.

These boosters like Cellucor P6 Extreme are designed to increase performance during a workout as they elevate testosterone production. The right testosterone boosters can also enhance your results from a workout by speeding up muscle growth and repair and helping you maintain your energy even after a tough workout.

We’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of Cellucor P6 Extreme and where it ranks on the testosterone food chain; but first, for our readers who are searching for a little bit more about how a testosterone booster works, let’s briefly put on our science caps.

The Science Behind the Testosterone Booster

When legal testosterone boosters first became available they were initially met with skepticism. Yes some do work, in some cases competitive body-builders are allowed to use them, and yes there could be potential side effects if not taken properly – especially from the illegal kind.

As a young man matures, the Leydig Cells in the body secrete high amounts of testosterone, which helps create lean muscle mass; however, those levels drop as men age. A man will usually peak somewhere in his mid twenties.

What these boosters attempt to do is stimulate or recreate this testosterone so the user can manipulate the affects of high testosterone levels past the point where the body naturally drops off. Effects could include growth, muscle building, fat burning, increased libido, and better heart conditions.

Many herbal testosterone boosters, such as Cellucor P6 Extreme, use Ovine Placenta Powder (or a variety of other stimulants) to try and get the testes to produce more testosterone. It’s an effort that’s met with mixed results.

Ingredients in Cellucor P6 Extreme

Cellucor P6 Extreme has eight ingredients mixed into a proprietary blend. Ingredients inside the blend include Ovine Placenta powder, Beta-sitosterol, and Agaricus Bisporus extract.

Ovine Placenta Powder – This is a powder that may stimulate your pituitary gland into producing and subsequently releasing more testosterone into the body.

Beta-Sitosterol – this inhibits the enzymes that convert testosterone into DHT.

Agaricus Bisporus – is a preventative measure designed to prevent the body from turning testosterone into estrogen.

These three ingredients are a good representation of how the Cellucor P6 Extreme blend is engineered. Aside from increasing testosterone production, the blend also aims to prevent the processes that break down key hormones into a useless form. This should make the product more effective.

Another key ingredient in Cellucor P6 Extreme is Tribulus Terrestris. Known as one of the best testosterone boosting agents available, works in the same way as Ovine Placenta Powder, but is thought to be more effective.

All the ingredients in Cellucor P6 Extreme are all natural and some of them have been clinically proven.

Will Cellucor P6 Extreme Work?

Cellucor P6 Extreme has 250 mg of Tribulus Terrestris, which is a good dosage; yet, I don’t know the ingredient totals for the other eight ingredients. All I know is that they’re combined into a blend that totals 947 mg. This may include a strong amount, but we can’t guarantee it.

Also, a good way to determine the effectiveness of a product is to look at customer reviews. Out of 60 or so online customer reviews, Cellucor P6 Extreme received an average rating. That’s good, but not great.  Cellucor P6 Extreme can boost your testosterone levels; but it may be a little soft for some.

Consumer Treatment

Consumer treatment is where we examine how the product manufacture takes care of the consumer’s needs. We rate everything on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the obvious best.

Website: 9

Simple and easy. The main page contains most of the essentials like a live chat link, a hotline, and a FAQ. I looked for a money-back guarantee and it took me a while to find it. Why bury that information if you’re up front with the consumer? Those types of things always make me a little apprehensive.

Customer Service: 8

Took less than a minute to reach a CS agent/salesman. Not bad. I’ve been on hold with some of these companies forever. Nicely done. Representative was helpful if a little pushy to make a sale. No surprise there.

Money-back Guarantee: 7

The money-back guarantee is only good for 30 days. I’d like to see that expand by another 30 days. Two months time is sufficient time to see if a product works; 30 days, such as what Celucor offers, is a little too quick.


The price for 120 pills of Cellucor P6 Extreme is $119.99 when you buy it from their website. Thankfully, there are other options:

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Cellucor$89.99$5 Flat RateBuy Now
GNC$89.99$5 Flat RateBuy Now

Not surprisingly, eSupplements has the best price. They also cover each order with a 45-day money-back guarantee, just in case.

Final Thoughts

While it’s not the cheapest T-booster on the market, P6 Extreme does have good ingredients, and it’s from a reputable company. I don’t recommend it for first-time users, but men looking for something more advanced might find what they need with P6 Extreme.