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If you are a routine coffee drinker looking for a healthier alternative to your cup of Joe, you might want to give Coffee Trim a try. But adding it to your diet if you don’t already drink coffee may simply add more calories you don’t need.

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What if you could substitute your daily coffee with a coffee that helps you lose weight?

It may be possible with Coffee Trim. This instant coffee contains ingredients that could reduce your appetite and apparently help you eat up to 30% less.

Controlling your appetite and losing weight simply by drinking a daily coffee drink seems almost too good to be true. So I looked a bit further into Coffee Trim.

The Secret Behind Coffee Trim

The featured ingredient in Coffee Trim is Fabuless, a patented oat and palm oil emulsion. The fats in Fabuless are designed to resist digestion. You may think this would lead to weight gain, but in the case of Fabuless, it supposedly leads to weight loss. This is because when these fats reach the ileum, an area of the lower intestine, they activate the ileal brake. The ileal brake is a term for the combination of effects that induce extended periods of satiety.

So when you use products with Fabuless, you apparently stay full longer and are less likely to overeat. But is Fabuless really as fabulous as it seems? That’s hard to say. One study found Fabuless’ effects on the ileal brake to be promising. [1]

However, another study saw processed Fabuless to be ineffective in reducing food intake. [2]

The palm oil in Fabuless is a saturated fat and not considered a healthy oil. Excess use could raise cholesterol. Oat oil, however, is packed with nutrients and is generally safe to use.

Coffee Trim Ingredients

Besides Fabuless, Coffee Trim contains several important ingredients:

Coffee. Yes, Coffee Trim does in fact contain coffee. On one side, coffee increases energy and is generally thought to be safe. On the other hand, excessive amounts increase risk of heart disease and cause headaches, anxiety, and heartburn. But if you already drink coffee, you shouldn’t see a problem with substituting your daily coffee with Coffee Trim.

Caffeine. Caffeine heats up the body and may allow increased fat burning for a short time. However, it could cause nausea, increased heart rate, and jitters, depending on your caffeine tolerance.

Dehydrated Corn Syrup. Healthier than high fructose corn syrup, this syrup softens texture and adds volume to Coffee Trim.

Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is the primary source of fat in millions of peoples’ diets. It’s high in saturated fat, so high amounts are unhealthy. It also contains lauric acid, which can raise cholesterol levels.

Annato Turmeric Extracts. Annatto is a shrub that promotes digestive health and perhaps leads to weight loss, but more evidence is needed. Interestingly, it could lower cancer risk.

Coffee Trim also contains other flavors and sweeteners.

How Do You Use Coffee Trim?

Just like instant coffee, simply add 6 oz. of hot water and stir. Coffee Trim also comes with a creamer, so you can sweeten to your liking; be aware, however, that sweeteners add calories.

You should drink one Coffee Trim in the morning; if you desire, drink a second portion in the late afternoon.

Does Coffee Trim Work?

There’s not enough evidence from research or customer reviews to suggest that Coffee Trim is an effective appetite suppressant and fat burner.

One reviewer on Amazon.com, Roger, said, “This product is wonderful. I can’t believe it really works. I was skeptical at first but it made me a believer.” So there are some believers out there, but not enough to recommend it.

Buying Coffee Trim

If you are a routine coffee drinker looking for a healthier alternative to your cup of Joe, you might want to give Coffee Trim a try. But adding it to your diet if you don’t already drink coffee may simply add more calories you don’t need.

You can purchase Coffee Trim from MyCoffeeTrim.com. A box of 30 servings is $49.95 and comes with a 30-day return policy. You can also purchase a box for the same price at Amazon.com.

If you’ve tried Coffee Trim, leave a comment below and let us know how it worked for you.


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