Savage Roar is the latest pre-workout unveiled by Kai Greene’s new supplement brand, Dynamik Muscle. Kai Greene has a huge following; consequently, many people are anxiously awaiting the release of his entire product line.

I got the scoop on Savage Roar. Let’s see if its ingredient formula is as aggressive as its name, or if it just a mere, watered-down pre-workout supplement.

Ingredient Formula

Dynamik Muscle Savage Roar features a bunch of different ingredients, all with specific ingredient amounts.

Let’s take a look at some key components of Savage Roar:

Beta Alanine (3.2 g)

This ingredient is included in pre-workouts to help improve muscle endurance. Research shows beta alanine supplementation can improve high-intensity exercise and strength training. [1]

There is enough beta alanine in Savage Roar to help increase your workout intensity.

Citrulline Malate 2:1 (2.5 g)

Supplementing with citrulline malate has been shown to improve blood flow. [2] Consequently, bodybuilders supplement with citrulline malate to help boost muscle pumps. The amount of citrulline in the study is 5 g. There is a lot less in Savage Roar. Consequently, I’m not sure how effective this ingredient will be in Savage Roar.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (500 mg)

This ingredient helps improve mental alertness. A common studied amount is 150 mg/kg per day. Depending on your weight, this ingredient may help increase your focus during workouts. [3]

Caffeine Anhydrous (300 mg)

Caffeine supplementation can increase workout performance, like power output and anaerobic capacity. Studied doses range from 200, 400, 600, and 800 mg. Consequently, there may be enough caffeine in Savage Roar to improve your training. [4]

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (500 mg)

This ingredient helps improve recovery post-exercise. The amount used was about 2 g per day, [5] which is significantly more than the amount in Savage Roar.

The ingredients in Dynamik Muscle Savage Roar are effective and well-studied. My only concern is that some of them seem to be slightly underdosed. That doesn’t mean, however, that they won’t produce beneficial results with consistent supplementation.

How Should You Use Savage Roar?

Savage Roar is Dynamik Muscle’s pre-workout supplement. It should be taken anywhere from 10-25 minutes before working out.

The caffeine amount in Savage Roar is pretty high, though. If caffeine affects you easily, the caffeine amount in Savage Roar may cause some side effects, seeing as it is a whopping 300 mg per serving.

I personally recommend starting out with a smaller dose to assess tolerance. I’d mix ½ scoop in 6 ounces of water. If you respond well to the ingredients, then you can increase to one full scoop.

Final Thoughts

Savage Roar will come in 30-serving containers. I’m not sure how much each container will retail for. I do know, though, that it will at least come in a fruit punch flavor.

Overall, Dynamik Muscle Savage Roar seems like a good pre-workout supplement. Based on the ingredients alone, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Savage Roar to those looking for a boost of focus, energy, and even some muscle endurance –except for maybe to those that don’t handle caffeine well.


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