Effective, but potentially dangerous

Despite its potential, Epibolin appears to be a dangerous and overpriced prohormone. Epibolin appears to be effective, but the potential gains are balanced by its potentially dangerous side effects.

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Unlike testosterone boosters, prohormones act as a hormone precursor. Testosterone boosters are dependent on natural stimulation of the pituitary gland while prohormones don’t have to rely on any stimulation, but rather become metabolized into hormones through a chemical process. For this reason, many people consider prohormones to be more effective than testosterone boosters.

Epibolin was created by MyoParma as a prohormone designed to be broken down into a hormone more efficient than testosterone. But we wanted to take a closer look to see just how effective this prohormone is at increasing muscle gains and if there are any possible risks involved with taking it.


Epibolin is different than most muscle-building products because it doesn’t contain a list of ingredients. Because Epibolin is a prohormone, it instead relies on a chemical compound known as 2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan- 17b-ol, or Epistane, which breaks down into a hormone called desoxymethyltestosterone (DMT). DMT is considered more anabolic and less androgenic than testosterone, but there are some risks involved with DMT.

Dangers of Epibolin

DMT supplementation was actually banned by the DEA in 2010 due to safety reasons, but because Epibolin is just a precursor to desoxymethyltestosterone, it is still considered legal to sell and consume. However, the concept as to why desoxymethyltestosterone supplementation was banned is still relevant to this review. A 2007 study was done showing excessive amounts of DHT leading to liver damage and heart problems. This makes Epibolin a potentially dangerous prohormone as it can end up producing too much DMT.

More Downsides

After a little bit of digging, we discovered that Epibolin is no longer being manufactured, making it highly difficult to purchase and if you can get your hands on a bottle, you are probably going to end up overpaying. In fact, the price of Epibolin online varies from around $25 up to $150. The $25 offers are likely sold out which means you can probably expect to be paying around 50 to 100 dollars for one month’s worth of Epibolin.


Epibolin does have potential and consumers that have taken it are thrilled at the results they are seeing. The breakdown of Epistane to DMT causes impressive muscle gains without the side effects you would normally get from testosterone boosters. As a prohormone, Epibolin is likely to be more potent and efficient than just about any other hormone supplement, which is appealing to some.

Final Thought

Despite its potential, Epibolin appears to be a dangerous and overpriced prohormone. If you are willing to risk your overall safety in order to experience muscle gains, then go ahead and buy Epibolin. Otherwise, we recommend saving your liver and heart by purchasing something that isn’t considered dangerous and borderline illegal.