Gaspari Nutrition is set to release a new pre-workout supplement, SP250.

Not much is known about this pre-workout at this time. Gaspari SP250 is advertised as being an energy and pump-increasing supplement.

As indicated by a small photo teaser by the company, we do know that Gaspari SP250 will come in at least a blue raspberry flavor and will provide 30 servings per bottle.

As far as ingredients go, we’re not sure what exactly will be included in Gaspari SP250. Seeing as its label indicates pump and energy-boosting abilities, we speculate it may include some caffeine and possibly some popular nitric oxide boosting ingredients like L-arginine, betaine, and L-citrulline malate. However, we can’t be sure.

As soon as Gaspari Nutrition releases an official ingredient profile, we’ll be updating this review. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to check out Gaspari Nutrition’s other supplements, including their pre-workout Super Pump 3.0.