GAT JetFuel AQX doesn’t promise it will shed pounds overnight or turn you into an instant bodybuilder. Instead, GAT JetFuel AQX promises to shed water weight that keeps you from looking your best.

I’m intrigued that GAT JetFuel AQX claims to accomplish this goal using all-natural ingredients, but I’m not sold that this product is healthy or effective. I took a closer look at GAT JetFuel AQX to see if it safely sheds excess water around muscles.


The active ingredients in GAT JetFuel AQX include two JetFuel proprietary blends and two mineral compounds.

JetFuel All-Natural Multi-Action Pro-Aquatic Actives (2300 mg)

Uva Ursi Extract
Leaves from the plant uva ursi contain hydroquinone, a natural chemical with antibacterial and diuretic effects. But the FDA has expressed concerns that hydroquinone may be a carcinogen. [1]

Taraxacum Officionale Extract
Taraxacum officionale is the scientific name for dandelion. Dandelion is most commonly used as a diuretic to increase urine production.

Beta Vulgaris Extract
Beta vulgaris refers to beets. Beets are well-known as a vegetable and have many traditional medicinal applications. In GAT JetFuel AQX, beets may provide both diuretic and antioxidant effects.

Petroselinum Sativum Extract
Petroselinum sativum is just a scientific name for parsley. Parsley leaves are rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium. It also has folic acid, luteolin, and vitamins C and A, which are known antioxidants.

Foeniculum Vulgare Mill. Supsp. Vulgare Var. Dulce Extract
Foeniculum vulgare, or fennel, is one herb with fairly good scientific evidence supporting it as a natural diuretic. However, more research is necessary to determine proper dosing and potential side effects. [2]

Solidago Virgaurea
Solidago virgaurea is commonly known as goldenrod, another plant considered a diuretic in herbal medicine. However, solidago virgaurea lacks scientific studies of its safety and effectiveness in humans.

Grapefruit 4:1 Concentrate
Grapefruit is yet another natural ingredient which may be a powerful diuretic, especially in concentrated form. But grapefruit can also cause severe side effects with a long list of prescription medications. [3]

Lemon Extract
Lemon is a great natural diuretic because it induces urination to remove excess urea and salt build up. [4]

Hibiscus Sabdariffa Extract
Hibiscus sabdariffa, also known as roselle, is a plant thought to be a gentle diuretic and laxative. Scientific evidence is needed to support this belief. [5]

JetFuel Release & Bioavailability Enhancers (155 mg)

Sodium Starch Glycolate (Explotab)
Explotab sodium starch glycolate encases other the other ingredients. Explotab expands instantly in water, releasing the other ingredients for quicker absorption.

MCTs from Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is an excellent source of MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides. MCTs are considered safe fats because their shorter-length molecules keep the body from storing them.

Black Pepper Extract (Piperine Alkaloid)
The chemical piperine, found naturally in black pepper, is usually used in health supplements to increase other ingredients’ absorption.

Mineral Compounds

Potassium Citrate (90 mg)
Potassium citrate likely serves two purposes. This chemical compound is a common treatment for preventing kidney stones. Lack of potassium can also lead to muscle weakness and lethargy.

Calcium Gluconate (100 mg)
Calcium gluconate provides calcium for bone health and other functions. Beets can cause low calcium, so this likely replaces any calcium depleted by other ingredients in GAT JetFuel AQX.

The primary proprietary blend in GAT JetFuel AQX is clearly aimed at the product’s primary purpose: eliminating water weight. Although the diuretics in this blend are more traditionally used than scientifically proven, I’m still persuaded they induce water release through urination.

The second proprietary blend serves the secondary purpose of increasing absorption of the other ingredients. Based on the large recommended dosages of GAT JetFuel AQX, these ingredients are necessary to ensure that the product has as much effect as possible. The body sometimes cannot absorb all of the ingredients in large doses such as this one.

Side Effects

However, despite the apparent effectiveness of GAT JetFuel AQX, I remain concerned about its potential side effects. Diuretics basically induce the body to dehydrate itself. Dehydration can result in headaches, dizziness, muscle cramping, or electrolyte abnormalities. GAT JetFuel AQX contains potassium and calcium to minimize some of these side effects. But taking large doses of these minerals all at once may decrease their absorption and therefore their effectiveness.

Another ingredient I’m particularly wary of is uva ursi. This natural diuretic is listed first in the Pro-Aquatic proprietary blend. Short term side effects of uva ursi consumption include nausea, vomiting, back pain, and fever. Long-term use can lead to liver damage, eye problems, breathing problems, or convulsions. The exact amount of uva ursi in GAT JetFuel AQX is not disclosed, so it’s hard to predict if these side effects will occur with this product.


So GAT JetFuel AQX may or may not cause certain side effects, but I’d like to know how actual users feel about it.

Even though plenty of websites sell GAT JetFuel AQX and allow customers to leave feedback, I only found one brief review of the product on The reviewer wrote positively and enthusiastically about his experience with GAT JetFuel AQX. So at least for one consumer, GAT JetFuel AQX was effective.

Still, a product needs to have lots more satisfied customers before I trust its effectiveness.


One dose of GAT JetFuel AQX is 6 capsules. These capsules should be taken with 8 to 12 ounces of cold water. Users should only have one dose per day. GAT JetFuel AQX should not be taken for more than 7 consecutive days.


GAT JetFuel AQX can be purchased directly from its manufacturer at for $39.99 a bottle. But since doesn’t promise any special money-back guarantee, I think other sites offer a better deal.

StorePriceShippingBuy Now
122.99FreeBuy Now
221.44$4Buy Now
3$23.95FreeBuy Now

Every other website I found selling GAT JetFuel AQX charges $25 or less. For example, sells the same bottle as, but for $22.99. If you want to buy this product, I recommend checking prices on multiple websites and looking at return policies.


Despite its impressive list of diuretics, GAT JetFuel AQX fails to impress me. The risk of dehydration hardly seems worth the ability to show off your muscles a little better. The lack of consumer reviews and a money-back guarantee also detract from the value of GAT JetFuel AQX.

If you’re desperate to shed water weight, GAT JetFuel AQX probably works safely in the short term. But GAT JetFuel AQX doesn’t provide long-term muscle enhancement and weight loss.


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