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Overall, the website fails to provide a lot of important information about the product. It doesn’t tell you anything about the product, ingredients, price, address of the company, or provide an email address. There is also the question of Isagenix’s possible involvement with this company.

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One negative aspect of living in the modern world is that we absorb a lot of toxins into our bodies. We also get fat.

Consequently, the market is full of products designed to detox our intestinal systems while helping us lose weight. Among these products is GoCleanse, a 9 day detoxing program.

Does GoCleanse’s system really work? We researched the product and this is what we found out.

Is GoCleanse a Trustworthy Company?

One of the things we look at when judging whether a health program or product is worthwhile is the reputation of its manufacturer. In this case, the website does not provide any information on the company or manufacturer.

The GoCleanse website only states that they have been in business since 2006. That’s it. There is no information on where this company is located, who makes the products, or what the products are. There isn’t even an email address. The only contact tool is a single phone number.

Based on this lack of information, GoCleanse does not appear trustworthy.

What About the Ingredients?

Finding information about the products that GoCleanse uses is difficult. You can contact GoCleanse via their Facebook page, however, and get a product list from a GoCleanse coach.

This revealed that GoCleanse’s “9 Day Deep Cleanse” package is basically Isagenix’s “9-Day Deep Cleansing” package.

This Isagenix connection mirrors what we saw on’s Facebook page. The page merely discusses “scary stuff” surrounding toxins and keeps pushing Isagenix products. Assuming there is a connection between the two companies, we based our ingredient research on Isagenix’s “9-Day Deep Cleansing” package.

The cleansing program uses the following products:

Ionic Alfalfa, an Isagenix exclusive, is a blend of “plant source minerals and alfalfa juice extract.” [1] [2]

Aloe vera leaf gel powder. Aloe vera enhances intestinal absorption. [3] It also appears to improve skin permeation. This means that the skin can conduct/transport certain chemicals easier.

Ashwagandha root extract.This ingredient is widely used in traditional Indian medicine to prevent various diseases, increase energy, and improve general health.[4]

Burdock It protects the body from infections and enhances metabolism. [5]

Yellow dock root extract has traditionally been used to detoxify the body.[6] A study shows it also fights inflammations and relieves pain in animals.[7]

Deglycyrrhizinated licorice root extract. Studies show it fights ulcers, viruses, and protects the liver.[8]

Exclusive Antioxidant Berry Complex

 fights leukemia and carcinoma cells in the human colon. [9]

Blueberry fruit extract is a well-known fruit that has many health benefits. Studies show that blueberries improve cognitive and motor behavioral deficits.[10] It also acts as an antioxidant protecting the body and improving metabolism.

Raspberry fruit extract is another antioxidant that speeds up metabolism [10] helping you lose weight more efficiently.

Exclusive Synergy Complex


Fennel seed extract prevents gas formation in the intestinal tract. [13]

Suma root extract, also called Brazilian ginseng, improves your immune system by increasing the number of natural killer cells in the body. [14]

Peppermint leaf extract stimulates smooth muscle in the intestinal tract. [15] This speeds up how quickly food is emptied from the stomach and passed through the digestive system. With less time to absorb calories and toxins, peppermint results in quicker weight loss and detoxification.

Eleuthero root extract, also called Siberian ginseng, fights ulcers, cancers, and radiation. This ingredient helps the body detoxify itself efficiently. [16]

Turmeric root extract is widely used curcuminoid fights inflammation and improves the digestion and metabolism of fat. [17]

Lime juice powder contains bergamottin which fights cancer and mutagenic effects in the body. This ingredients also protects against harmful toxins.[18]

Purple carrot extract, like the orange carrot, is an antioxidant. This means this ingredient fights inflammations, heart diseases, and high cholesterol. A recent study shows purple carrot extract promotes a faster metabolism while inhibiting abdominal fat depositing. [19]

Choline bitartrate. A recent study shows this ingredient significantly improves cognitive abilities. [20]

Inositol is an important fuel for a healthy body. It positively affects cellular responses [21]which allows the body to work at peak efficiency.

Betaine Hydrochloride is changed into betaine inside the body. It then helps the kidneys and liver to function correctly. It also protects cells from damage. [22]

L-methionine is a form of methionine that promotes liver health by protecting the liver from injury. [23]

IsaLean Shake

This weight loss shake contains ample amounts of protein, fiber, and various essential vitamins providing nutrients while you consume less. The shake looks similar to the weight loss shakes you can buy at a supermarket.

Natural Accelerator

This is a pill that acts a thermogenic, helping your body burn fat more quickly. We’ll discuss the rarer ingredients unique to this product below.

 has many health benefits. Several studies show it lowers glucose levels in in the body. [24] Many people swear this ingredient helped them lose weight.

Cinnamon dried bark has long been used as an herbal medicine. Recent studies show it fights inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, and high cholesterol. [25] It even appears to speed glucose metabolism helping the body use sugar more efficiently.

White willow bark has been used for centuries for easing pains and reducing fevers. A 2009 study shows white willow bark relieved lower back pain. [26]

IsaLyte trace minerals appear to be an Isagenix prepared blend of 70 trace minerals. However, we couldn’t find any list providing just what minerals are included.

Royal jelly extract is a honey bee secretion used to feed larvae. Recent studies show it contains strong antioxidant properties.[27]

Yucca root acts a natural antioxidant protecting the cells of the body and fighting heart disease. It may also lower cholesterol levels and fight cancer. [28]

Octacosanol is part of the natural wax extracted from plants. Studies show that it lowers cholesterol and has ergogenic properties (it enhances performance in high-intensity exercises). [29]

Isagenix Snacks

These snacks come in the form of chewable wafers. The nutrition facts show ample amounts of chromium and some protein. However, total carbohydrates add up to only 1% of a daily recommended amount. This means that it’s quite possible these snacks aren’t very filling and may leave you still hungry.

How Do You Take It?

According to, the “9 Day Deep Cleanse” system actually takes 11 days. Here is how it is organized.

Pre-Cleanse Days take place during the two days directly proceeding the 9 day cleansing period. The purpose of these two days is to flood your body with nutrition in order to prepare it to cleanse itself.

During these two days, you take a shake for breakfast, then a healthy lunch, followed by another shake for dinner.

9 Day Deep Cleanse

 switch you to an all liquid diet. Take the liquid supplement four times a day. Also drink water and eat the provided snacks at certain times throughout the day. Top it all off with a super vitamin in the morning and in the evening.

Days 5 – 9 switches back to the pre-cleanse schedule. You’ll take a shake in the morning, then a low calorie lunch, followed by a shake for dinner.

Days 10, 11 return you to deep cleanse mode. Take the liquid supplement four times a day with water and snacks.

What About the Price?

The price of a health product or program is important. Unfortunately, does not provide any information on pricing for the products and programs.

The 9 day program costs around $180, according to a GoCleanse coach. There is also a 30 day program that costs around $448. states that they have a money back guarantee for their products but fail to provide any information about this guarantee.

Are There Side Effects?

Though doesn’t currently list any possible side effects, we’re worried about some of the ingredients. For example, licorice root can cause headache, high blood pressure, and heart problems.

Also, royal jelly can cause severe allergic reactions such as hives, asthma, and even fatal anaphylaxis. doesn’t provide information on the amounts of each ingredient, so just be careful should you choose to take this program.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the website fails to provide a lot of important information about the product. It doesn’t tell you anything about the product, ingredients, price, address of the company, or provide an email address. There is also the question of Isagenix’s possible involvement with this company.

In sum, there are just too many questions left unanswered for us to recommend this system. We wouldn’t use it and feel that it’s not worth the risk.


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