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Based on ingredient research and consumer reviews, I think HGF-1 is a good HGH-releasing supplement. People who want to minimize aging, stay fit, and feel energized should consider supplementing with HGF-1.

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Used to restore vitality and improve body composition, HGF-1 is said to increase the body’s growth hormone output.

Unlike expensive HGH injections, HGF-1 uses naturally occurring ingredients. HGF-1’s formula is said to “enhance your physical performance and turn back time.”

HGF-1’s advertised affects sound appealing. Let’s investigate this product to see how well it delivers those results.

Are HGF-1’s Ingredients Effective?

HGF-1 includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, natural chemicals, and plant extracts. Here’s a look at the scientific research behind some of the ingredients.

Alpha GPC
Alpha GPC is a plant chemical that affects hormone production in the brain. [1] In one study, growth hormone secretion and fat burning increased in young men within 1 hour of taking alpha GPC. [2]

The amino acid L-arginine is best known as a nitric oxide booster, but some research shows it affects growth hormone levels, too. Arginine suppresses the hormone that halts HGH production.[3]

One study showed 5 g or 9 g doses effective for raising HGH.[4] However, that study used L-arginine alone, not in combination with other HGH releasers as HGF-1 does.

GABA is a brain chemical that regulates brain activity.[5] A 3 g GABA dose raised levels of 2 growth hormone types approximately 400% in one study.[6]

Glutamine is an amino acid found abundantly throughout the body, especially in muscle and lung tissue.[7] One study found 2 g glutamine elevates HGH levels between 30 and 90 minutes after ingestion.[8]

Does HGF-1 Receive Positive Customer Reviews?

Both and allow customers to leave feedback about this product. Most consumers report satisfaction with HGF-1 .

One reviewer, Michael Stepchuck, said “Everything that I read about this stuff has materialized – it really has worked for me. I have not experienced that kind of result often and I am very pleased with the results it has helped me achieve. I’d recommend it strongly for anybody who is getting older and wants to keep up their work out routines as well as maintaining an active and full filling life style.”

Jean wrote on, “I did notice an increase in energy and motivation but its hard to say whether it was the HGF-1 or just a change in my sleeping. Overall I feel better and seem to have an increase in energy and health.”

From these reviews, it appears HGF-1 improves energy, enhances sleep, and meets consumer expectations.

How Much Does HGF-1 Cost?

This product is only sold online. charges $99.95 for a 100 capsule bottle, which includes free shipping, and offers discounts on bulk orders.

In addition, all orders from come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee covers 1 fully used bottle, allowing customers plenty of opportunity to see how it affects them.

What’s the Best Way to Take It?

The recommended serving is 5 capsules. It’s best to stick to this dose to ensure you get the best results and the right amount of each ingredient.

The best time to take HGF-1 is before bed because most hormone production takes place during sleep. Drink water with it, but take it on an empty stomach to ensure proper ingredient absorption.

Does HGF-1 Affect Growth Hormone Levels?

HGF-1 ’s formula combines the best natural HGH boosters to stimulate growth hormone production. HGF-1 is more economically friendly than prescription hormone treatments, and consumers have several purchasing options.

Based on ingredient research and consumer reviews, I think HGF-1 is a good HGH-releasing supplement. People who want to minimize aging, stay fit, and feel energized should consider supplementing with HGF-1.


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