Fast-Acting Fat Burner

May be effective but is risky

While Hydroxycut SX-7 contains fat-boosting compounds, it also uses a few ingredients that haven’t been fully studied. Because of the unknown factors, Hydroxycut SX-7 is a bit risky.

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Created by the same research and development team who made Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, Hydroxycut SX-7 is a new “super extreme, patent pending weight loss formula” that offers “one insane assault on your senses.”

Supposedly this thermogenic supplement will provide the sensory-stimulating ingredients you need to experience clean energy and mental focus while creating the ideal environment for slimming down.

Due to Hydroxycut’s popularity, I couldn’t help but wonder if this latest fat burner could live up to the name. To find out if it’s capable of delivering on these promises, I closely examined the research behind the ingredients.

Under the Lid

Hydroxycut SX-7 is impressive in that it only supplies 7 ingredients. There are no additional fillers to detract from its key formula, and even better, each ingredient is listed in its clinically proven amount.

Myristica Fragrans. According to the Hydroxycut website, this nutmeg powder contains a compound called myristicin which “contributes to the unique sensory experience.”

Not a lot of information is available on nutmeg, but what I found was concerning. Experts assert that nutmeg contains chemicals that affect the central nervous system and taking 120 mg or more daily may lead to hallucinations or other mental side effects. [1]

Salvia Officinalis. Sage is commonly used for digestive problems such as bloating and gas, though preliminary studies are examining its potential effects on Alzheimer’s. Some speculate sage corrects chemical imbalances in the brain that cause Alzheimer’s disease, though WebMD experts state more research is needed to determine if it improves memory or treats other conditions. [2]

Ecklonia Cava. Ecklonia is a type of brown algae that is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent damage caused by free radicals, thus reducing risk to certain types of cancer. [3]

Animal studies in mice suggest the phlorotannins in brown algae may have an anti-diabetic effect, though additional research is needed to determine its full effect in human subjects. [4]

Caffeine. Caffeine interacts with the central nervous system to counteract fatigue. Studies show 100 mg caffeine also increases the resting metabolic rate of volunteers by as much as 3-4% for more than 150 minutes. Researchers concluded that caffeine has a significant influence on energy balance and that it “may promote thermogenesis in the treatment of obesity.” [5]

Yohimbe. Yohimbe contains high yohimbine concentrations, is a popular aphrodisiac known to promote blood flow. Currently, researchers are investigating its potential as a fat burner. Studies show elite athletes who took 20 mg yohimbine a day experienced a decrease in fat mass, though there was not a decrease in body mass.[6]

Hydroxycut SX-7 does not contain as much yohimbine as was used in the study, so the results might not be as notable.

Green Coffee Bean. Green coffee bean extract is growing in popularity as a weight loss aid due to its caffeine and chlorogenic acid content. Caffeine is a proven fat burner, and studies are showing the chlorogenic acid influences glucose and fat metabolism to promote healthy weight loss.

Subjects who received 700 mg green coffee bean extract experienced significant improvements in body weight, body mass index, and percent body fat, without a negative effect on heart rate and blood pressure. [7]

Hydroxycut SX-7 has a smaller dose than is used in the study, but it may still help dieters lose weight.

Raspberry Ketone. This aromatic compound is commonly found in weight loss ingredients after Dr. Oz featured the ingredient on his television show. However, raspberry ketone isn’t well studied. A few preliminary animal studies show raspberry ketone may prevent weight gain caused by a high fat diet, but additional research is needed to determine if it supports weight loss in humans. [8]

Should You Be Worried About Side Effects?

Many of the ingredients in Hydroxycut SX-7 are known to cause negative side effects, so it’s best to exercise caution when using this supplement.

For example, people who have taken large doses of nutmeg experience nausea, dry mouth, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, agitation, and hallucinations. More serious side effects include death. [1]

While I doubt there is enough nutmeg in Hydroxycut SX-7 to cause the more serious effects, users should ask their doctors before using the product to make sure it won’t interact negatively with any medications or medical conditions they may have.

Recommended Use

Due to its potential risk for side effects, Hydroxycut SX-7 should be taken in smaller doses to assess tolerance. For the first two days, take a single capsule with 8 oz. water 30 to 60 minutes before your largest meal.

Once your tolerance has been assessed, feel free to increase the dose to 2 capsules a day (1 with breakfast and lunch) for the next few days. If you need the extra energy, you may take an additional capsule with your first serving of the day, but do not take more than 3 capsules in a 24 hour period.

The manufacturers also recommend taking it for 60 days in combination with diet and training.

Do Users Like It?

Hydroxycut SX-7 reviews are mixed, though more users lean toward a positive experience than a negative one at

Here’s a quick peek at what users have to say from both ends of the scale.

“I received Hydroxycut as a free sample and it helped me lean out. The taste was good and I liked it even with just water.” Alyssamato,, 4 out of 5 stars.

“I got this only because I had a coupon. I started to take this and after an hour I would feel real tired, with no energy. It would last about 2hours, then it would be time for the next pill for the day. Then I would be tired again. I did not notice any positive changes after 2 weeks of taking it. Not worth it.” bmfansley,, 1 out of 5 stars.

Is It Easy to Buy Online?

Hydroxycut SX-7 is fairly new, so pricing options are limited. However, I was able to find a 70 capsule bottle for the following prices:

• $38.99
• $49.99
• $59.99

Is It a Good Choice?

Hydroxycut SX-7 has worked well for some users, so it may work well for you. There are a few proven fat burners that may give you the boost you need to get more out of your workouts, so it may be worth trying.

On the other hand, it contains a few ingredients that are not fully studied, so their effects (both positive and negative) are not completely known. This makes Hydroxycut SX-7 a bit risky because you don’t know if it will be harmful or helpful overall.

Let other users know what you think about the product by leaving your comments below!


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