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May be good but lacks evidence

iSatori Bio Gro doesn’t appear to be the revolutionary muscle-building supplement it claims. iSatori’s new colostrum-processing technique might create uniquely potent colostrum. But until iSatori reports independent testing of Bio Gro, it hasn’t truly set itself apart from the competition.

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iSatori’s new muscle-building supplement, Bio Gro, supposedly contains an ingredient never before used in sports nutrition.

“It’s like fertilizer for your muscles!” proclaims the product website. iSatori likely wants to associate Bio Gro with fertilizer’s ability to enhance growth and make things appear in pristine condition.

But, just as people question the safety and efficacy of plant fertilizer, iSatori Bio Gro’s new ingredient deserves inspection with a fine-toothed comb. An up-close investigation of iSatori Bio Gro is in order.

Bio Gro’s Big Promises

iSatori’s website lists five major qualities to set Bio Gro apart:

1. More Concentrated. iSatori claims one Bio Gro serving contains as many “bio-actives” as 25 grams of whey protein concentrate.

2. More Convenient. iSatori Bio Gro’s alleged convenience comes from its flavorlessness.

3. More Scientific Research. iSatori cites “32 published clinical studies” on Bio Gro’s ingredients. But, closer inspection reveals they mostly focus on colostrum, not Bio Gro’s new colostrum form. Plus, at least one cited study is unpublished.

4. More Expert Opinions. iSatori names 4 PhDs who “independently support and validate the science and effects supporting the primary ingredient in Bio Gro.” However, one of these PhDs works directly for iSatori, making his opinion not-so-independent.

5. Highest Quality and Banned-Substance Tested. Every batch of iSatori Bio Gro is tested according to Informed Choice standards. This selling point of Bio Gro appears to be indisputable.

iSatori’s claims about Bio Gro seem a bit exaggerated. That means Bio Gro’s potentially game-changing ingredients need incontrovertible proof of efficacy and safety.

Bio Gro’s Active Ingredients

iSatori Bio Gro’s alleged brand new ingredient is simply bovine colostrum that undergoes processes uniquely developed by iSatori. iSatori claims Bio Gro’s specially processed colostrum contains the following components.

Proline-Rich Peptides
Most of the research about proline-rich peptides links them to anti-aging and immune benefits. [1] Unfortunately, studies linking proline-rich peptides with building muscle are not well-publicized.

Growth Factors
Bio Gro’s specially processed colostrum contains growth factors such as IGF-1 and TGF beta-2. Pure IGF-1 is well supported as a muscle-growing substance in animal studies. [2] However, human studies have yet to yield similar, repeatable results. [3]

Immunoglobulins participate in the immune system by marking foreign substances for removal. When injected, immunoglobulins improved muscle weakness and pain in a man with type 2 diabetes. [4] Orally taken immunoglobulins may not produce the same effect.

Lactoferrin is a milk protein linked to improving immune system action. [5] But, lactoferrin showed no muscle-building effect in live rats. [6]

Fibroblast growth factors allow muscles to recover quickly. Animal research shows injected fibroblast-GF encourages new blood vessel formation. [7]

Some of iSatori Bio Gro’s ingredients show promise as muscle builders. But, others lack research supporting them for that use.

Plus, IGF-1 is a banned substance in most sports. Even when taken from natural sources like colostrum, this substance causes athletic controversy. [3]

Bio Gro’s Reviews

Bio Gro is a very new muscle-building supplement. Consequently, almost no consumers have commented on it yet.

Even so, iSatori’s website features a few comments from people who used Bio Gro during beta testing. Here are a few of their comments about Bio Gro:

“Not only did we see an improvement in our [athlete’s] performance, we also saw reduced recovery time using a natural product that is free of natural substances.” –Jude Massillon

“By monitoring my progress closely, I discovered Bio Gro has helped me put a solid inch of muscle on my arms, during the first month I used it.” –D. Sandler

“Over the last three months of using Bio Gro, two sometimes three times daily, I have gained over 15 pounds of muscle mass.” –Scott Charles Bell

Those comments are extremely praiseworthy of iSatori Bio Gro. That is to be expected since they’re posted on the official product website.

However, beta testing is not equivalent to independent scientific testing. Hence, these results may not be typical or even repeatable.

Bio Gro’s Price

iSatori’s website currently sells Bio Gro only as a package deal. For $119.99, a limit of 500 customers get two Bio Gro tubs and a variety of extras, including clothing, iSatori Amino-Phase, and other items. iSatori’s website lists Bio Gro’s suggested retail price at $69.99.

So far, retailers selling Bio Gro choose to advertise a much lower price, about $40 for a 60-serving tub. Here are the best deals I found for 60 servings:

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Bio Gro’s Directions

iSatori is upfront about the fact that Bio Gro doesn’t mix well with water. But, apparently it mixes well with other beverages such as pre-workout supplements or protein shakes. Bio Gro can also be stirred into soft foods.

A Bio Gro serving is either one or two scoops, depending on your weight. Use a shaker or blender to mix this powder into the liquid of your choice. iSatori recommends two Bio Gro servings per day, taken morning and evening.

Does iSatori Bio Gro Meet Expectations?

iSatori Bio Gro doesn’t appear to be the revolutionary muscle-building supplement it claims. Beta test participants reported dramatic results, for sure. But, Bio Gro’s ingredients lack proof to guarantee those results.

iSatori’s new colostrum-processing technique might create uniquely potent colostrum. But until iSatori reports independent testing of Bio Gro, it hasn’t truly set itself apart from the competition.


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