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iSatori ISYMFS Pre-Workout Amplifier features quite a bit of ingredients in its formula and is pretty intense. It may certainly improve workout performance for many individuals; however, there is a ton of caffeine in each full serving. If you don’t handle caffeine well, this pre-workout may not be for you.

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iSatori ISYMFS Pre-Workout Amplifier is a supplement designed to improve energy, strength, and your muscle pump during workouts.

This pre-workout is part of the CT Fletcher Series under iSatori’s line, featuring an acronym CT Fletcher made famous in the gym, ISYMFS. If you don’t know what that stands for, a simple google search will tell you!

Here’s a look at everything there is to know about iSatori ISYMFS Pre-Workout Amplifier. Is it a crazy, intense pre-workout, or is it simply forgettable?

The Formula

At first glance, iSatori ISYMFS Pre-Workout Amplifier appears to be quite a powerful supplement. It is very stimulant heavy. Here’s a look at a couple ingredients in iSatori ISYMFS Pre-Workout Amplifier:

Beta-Alanine (2,400 mg)

Beta-Alanine is used to improve fatigue and muscular endurance. Those that supplemented with beta-alanine during experienced an increase in workout volume during the bench press. Fatigue during exercise was also attenuated. [1]

Consequently, it may help improve lifting performance in the gym and support your muscle and strength-building results.

HPLC Verified Creatine (3,000 mg)

iSatori ISYMFS Pre-Workout Amplifier features 2 creatine forms of creatine, monohydrate and HCL.

Creatine improves energy levels and power output during resistance training. [2] People that supplement with creatine usually supplement with it every day, regardless of whether they are training or taking a rest day.

Caffeine (425 mg)

That’s right, iSatori ISYMFS Pre-Workout Amplifier is crammed with a bunch of caffeine in various forms: creatine anhydrous, caffeine citrate, and di-caffeine malate. Caffeine is a stimulant used for enhancing energy levels as well as focus and cognition. [3]

This ingredient may help rev up your energy in the gym and also help improve your mind-muscle connection.

Black Pepper Extract (5 mg)

Black pepper helps improve absorption and bioavailability of ingredients. [4] Consequently, black pepper extract might help boost bioavailability and absorption of all the ingredients within iSatori ISYMFS Pre-Workout Amplifier.

Betaine Anhydrous (1,500 mg)

Also known as trimethylglycine, is used to combat fatigue and enhance power output; however, evidence surrounding this benefit isn’t conclusive.

One study shows betaine supplementation failed to improve power output but was able to minimally affect fatigue. [5] Another study reveals betaine supplementation didn’t improve power output or perceived fatigue. [6]

However, it may offer some workout benefits, especially overtime, but I can’t be sure.

iSatori ISYMFS Pre-Workout Amplifier features some effective ingredients and appears to be quite intense. If you’re new to pre-workout supplements, iSatori ISYMFS Pre-Workout Amplifier may be a little much for you.

Is iSatori ISYMFS Pre-Workout Amplifier Dangerous?

My main concern with iSatori ISYMFS Pre-Workout Amplifier is the amount of caffeine per serving. The caffeine in this pre-workout is one of the higher amounts I’ve seen in a pre-workout in a long time. If you don’t handle caffeine well, you may experience insomnia, stomach irritation, nausea, and vomiting. [3]

How Should You Use It?

iSatori ISYMFS Pre-Workout Amplifier should be used anywhere from 10-20 minute before working out. You’ll have to experiment with optimal ingestion times.

The directions state you should mix 1 serving with 5-6 oz of water. One serving is 2 scoops. So, if you are unsure how you’ll respond to the ingredients, you can start out with 1 scoop. After you’ve assessed tolerance, you can increase to the recommended 2 scoop amount.

Pricing & Flavors

iSatori ISYMFS Pre-Workout Amplifier comes in several different flavors, including Blue Razz, Fruit Punch, Mango, and Watermelon.

Each bottle packs 20 servings and costs $35. If your preferred serving size is 1 scoop, one bottle will provide 40 servings, and the price-per-serving is not bad; however, if you take the full, recommended serving, iSatori ISYMFS Pre-Workout Amplifier may be a little pricy.

If you decide to try iSatori ISYMFS Pre-Workout Amplifier, I’d love to hear about your experience with it. So, leave a comment below.


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