Teststerone and Energy Boosting

Good, but doesn't live up to its Elite name

On the whole, Mdrive Elite seems like a run-of-the-mill testosterone and energy booster. Like its predecessor Mdrive, Mdrive Elite might work for some people.

However, the new ingredients in Mdrive Elite do not ensure this formula’s efficacy. This Mdrive formula fails to earn the distinction of elite.

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Intended for men looking to improve their performance, Mdrive Elite is a specially formulated version of the testosterone booster Mdrive.

Mdrive Elite contains several clinically proven ingredients not found in original Mdrive. With these additional ingredients, Mdrive Elite supposedly increases both testosterone and energy.

The official advertising for Mdrive Elite comes across as professional and trustworthy. But, like any supplement, Mdrive Elite is only as good as the results it produces. How well does Mdrive Elite perform?

How Does Mdrive Elite Compare to Original Mdrive?

Mdrive Elite contains all the same ingredients as the original Mdrive formula.

The most noticeable difference between original Mdrive and Mdrive Elite is the inclusion of 6 new ingredients for improving energy and athleticism.

What Ingredients Are New to Mdrive Elite?

KSM-66 (Ashwagandha)
KSM-66 is standardized ashwagandha extract. Purportedly it increases testosterone, boosts energy, and enhances physical abilities. [1]

Despite being the subject of numerous studies, ashwagandha remains unproven for its many uses. [2]

The full name is diindolylmethane. Research suggests DIM encourages estrogen metabolism, a healthy effect for women and men alike. [3] But, current research is insufficient. [4]

Selenium increases antioxidant effects. Many studies examined selenium’s effect on treating or preventing cancer.

Results so far are not definitive. Some scientists question the safety of taking selenium for extended time periods. [5]

Mdrive Elite includes chromium to regulate blood sugar levels and maintain a healthy BMI. The evidence regarding chromium’s effects on insulin levels is promising. However, most other chromium uses lack sufficient proof. [6]

Zinc is said to improve brain function, boost testosterone production, and aid immune health. At least one study links zinc with regulating male testosterone levels. [7] But, the evidence behind the other described purposes is lacking. [8]

Bioperine is a patented black pepper. This ingredient increases overall ingredient absorption. [9]

Despite big talk of clinical proof, the ingredients in Mdrive Elite remain largely unproven. Even if they were proven, none of them seem intrinsically linked to enhanced energy or improved athletic prowess.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

According to the Mdrive Elite website, most users notice improvements in their all-day energy level after just a few days. Recognizing the effects of increased testosterone happens more gradually, usually over the course of the first 30 days.

Are There Any Mdrive Elite Reviews?

As of right now, Mdrive Elite’s main webpage links to reviews for the original Mdrive formula only. And since these reviews are on the official website, naturally they are all positive. I wouldn’t expect to find any negative reviews on a product’s official website.

These reviews come in two formats: written comments and video testimonials. Overall, these customers have plenty of praise for Mdrive. The video testimonials seem especially convincing.

These reviews are a good starting place, but I like to examine reviews on an independent website before recommending a product.

Unfortunately for Mdrive Elite, the comments on Amazon.com are not as overwhelmingly positive. At least eight reviewers noticed no difference or experienced side effects with Mdrive.

Based on the mixed results of original Mdrive, I don’t expect Mdrive Elite to produce elite results. The new ingredients don’t seem strong enough to drastically increase its effectiveness.

How Often Do You Take Mdrive Elite?

The standard Mdrive Elite dose is 3 capsules every morning with breakfast.

What Does Mdrive Elite Cost?

There are a variety of stores that offer Mdrive Elite. Here are the best deals I could find:

StorePriceShippingBuy Now
vs$59.99FreeBuy Now
gnc$79.99FreeBuy Now
amazon$59.99FreeBuy Now

Consumers who aren’t satisfied with Mdrive Elite have 60 days from the purchase date to seek a refund. This guarantee is printed directly on the product label, so it applies no matter where you purchased Mdrive Elite.

For details about this refund, call 888-300-9181 during standard business hours.

Is Mdrive Elite a Good Testosterone Supplement?

On the whole, Mdrive Elite seems like a run-of-the-mill testosterone and energy booster. Like its predecessor Mdrive, Mdrive Elite might work for some people.

However, the new ingredients in Mdrive Elite do not ensure this formula’s efficacy. This Mdrive formula fails to earn the distinction of elite.


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