MusclePharm recently released photos of their new supplement line: Nature Sport. While the company announced the name months ago, this is the first we’ve seen the new products.

While we don’t know the ingredient profiles or prices yet, one product in particular stood out: Nature Sports Recover. The entire line is focused on plant-based compounds for natural support, and I was interested in a recovery supplement based entirely on plant ingredients.

The label of Nature Sports Recovery lists coconut water and amino acids as main ingredients in its blend. I’m sure there are more compounds included, but that’s a good base to build on.

Coconut water is widely known and used to rehydrate and contains large amounts of potassium, essential for muscle recovery.

Amino acids are an obvious inclusion for any recovery supplement. With amino acids, muscle tissue can’t regenerate. BCAAs are the most important, but we don’t know for sure which amino acid Nature Sports Recovery will deliver.

I’ll keep you updated with a full review as soon as MusclePharm releases more information about Nature Sport Recovery and the entire Nature Sport line.