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Phospha Muscle has joined MuscleTech’s Performance Series lineup. MuscleTech claims Phospha Muscle will double your muscle gains and increase muscle strength by 60% -both of these claims caught our attention real quick.

Let’s take a look at MuscleTech’s newest supplement:

An In-Depth Look at the Ingredients

Phospha Muscle includes 2 ingredients in a 1,980 mg proprietary blend. Here’s a closer look at both ingredients:

Mediator PA (Phosphatidic acid-enriched soy lecithin)

Mediator is a patented phosphatidic acid that utilizes Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to ensure the purity and quality of the 750 mg phosphatidic acid ingredient. Phosphatidic acid has been studied for its ergogenic benefits.

One of the most popular studies indicates that when 28 resistance-trained athletes supplemented with 750 mg of phosphatidic acid in the form of Mediator, increases in skeletal muscle hypertrophy, maximal strength, and lean body mass were observed. [1]

MuscleTech formulated Phospha Muscle with the exact dosage used in this study. This ingredient’s ability to take your workouts and results to a new level is convincing.

Tart Cherry Fruit Powder

Tart cherry often used by runners to reduce muscle pain. [2] I was unable to locate a clinically-effective dose, but there may be enough tart cherry in Phospha Muscle to provide pain relief.

Where To Buy It

MuscleTech is a popular brand, so most major retailers carry their products. However, here are the best deals we found of Phospha Muscle:

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Is Phospha Muscle Safe?

According to the manufacturer, Phospha Muscle doesn’t have any negative side effects.

How to Use Phospha Muscle

Phospha Muscle use should be combined with intense resistance training. You should take 1 serving (5 soft gels) once daily. On workout days, MuscleTech recommends taking Phospha Muscle about 20-3 minutes before training.

You shouldn’t consume more than 1 serving in a 24-hour period.


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