Pure Protein Isolate

Excellent, pure protein powder

I highly recommend Optimum Nutrition Isolate for anyone looking for an advanced, pure protein source to put on more strength and muscle mass.

  • Ingredient Quality
  • Price and Availability
  • Safety
  • Ease of Use

Optimum Nutrition Isolate is the brand-new protein powder from industry leader Optimum Nutrition. This same company brought us Gold Standard whey, one of the best-selling protein products in the world.

I was excited to see a new isolate powder on the market. These types of protein are generally high-end and expensive, but Optimum Nutrition claims this is a 100% pure, basic blend to build muscle and strength. Let’s take a closer look to find out!

What Kind Of Ingredients Does It Use?

Thankfully, Optimum Nutrition Isolate contains just that, isolate. No complicated protein blends, no extra fillers, and no proprietary mixes.

Fans of Optimum Nutrition will notice that the company already has an isolate product, Performance Isolate. The difference is that this previous powder is very high end and costs more than $20/pound, which is too expensive for many normal users.

Whey Isolate: 25 grams

Whey isolate is the purest form of whey, coming it at nearly 100% pure protein compared to concentrate at 70%. This means it doesn’t contain any unnecessary carbs or fat and can even be used by those with lactose intolerance. [1]

Because it’s just protein, isolate is commonly used by athletes who are carefully watching their macronutrients and calories. It’s very low-calorie compared to regular protein and digests very easily over a 4-hour period. [2]

What’s The Price?

As I said before, isolate is one of the most expensive protein options on the market. However, Optimum Nutrition keeps it relatively affordable, especially compared to their previous isolate product that costs up to $100.

• 1.6 pounds: $33.95
• 3 pounds: $55.95
• 5 pounds: $79.95

That’s a very good price for an isolate powder, especially a new product from a well-established company.

How Does It Taste?

Like most of Optimum Nutrition’s powders, Isolate tastes good and mixes well. There are two flavor options, Chocolate Shake and Vanilla Soft Serve. I tried the chocolate and through it tasted excellent, without any weird chalky texture or aftertaste.

The label instructs one scoop to be mixed with water before or after exercise. That’s pretty standard for a protein powder.

Is It Worth It?

While I’m generally against isolate powders as expensive, unnecessary protein options, Optimum Nutrition Isolate has won me over. The ingredient blend is incredibly simple and high-quality, it tastes good, and it’s surprisingly affordable.

I highly recommend Optimum Nutrition Isolate for anyone looking for an advanced, pure protein source to put on more strength and muscle mass.


[1] Yang Y, et al. “Resistance exercise enhances myofibrillar protein synthesis with graded intakes of whey protein in older men.” The British Journal of Nutrition. 2012 Nov 28;108(10):1780-8.

[2] Cribb PJ, et al. “The Effect of Whey Isolate and Resistance Training on Strength, Body Composition, and Plasma Glutamine.” International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. 2006 16:494-509