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ProSupps Vanish does contain good ingredients. However, due to side effect risk, I would not suggest getting too excited about it.

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Vanish is ProSupps’ latest up-and-coming fat burner. Can ProSupps Vanish really make your fat, well, vanish?

What’s in ProSupps Vanish?

ProSupps Vanish contains several ingredients, forming 3 proprietary blends or “matrices.” Let’s take a look at a couple of the key ingredients in each blend.

Fat Burning Matrix (305 mg)

Caffeine. ProSupps Vanish’s caffeine comes from at least 4 different sources: caffeine anhydrous, caffeine citrate, green tea leaf extract, and dicaffeine malate. Including caffeine in the supplement is no surprise. After all, caffeine may increase speed and power output as well as endurance and fatigue resistance. [1]

However, caffeine also increases side effect risk, including possible nausea, jitteriness, increased heart rate, and, in extreme cases, heart attack and stroke. These side effects can come from 500 mg caffeine or more—or even less if you are sensitive to caffeine. We don’t know how much caffeine is in Vanish, but we do know there’s less than 305 mg. [2] While this might not cause side effects, it may not be enough to significantly affect performance.

Raspberry Ketone. One study, in which raspberry ketone improved fat metabolism in rats, excited many supplement companies as well as TV medical guru Dr. Oz. [3] However, scientific evidence is lacking on this ingredient’s potential to burn fat in humans. Besides, it may also cause jitteriness, increased blood pressure, and rapid heartbeat. [4]

Euphoria Matrix (89 mg)

Rhodiola. Rhodiola may treat depression and related illnesses by reducing fatigue. [5] Rhodiola significantly prolonged rats’ exhaustive swimming and increased ATP levels in one study. [6] While rhodiola may increase energy, studies are still ongoing.

Appetite Control Matrix (80 mg)

Yohimbe Bark Extract. Yohimbe is no doubt extracted for the chemical yohimbine. Commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction, yohimbine may also increase fat burning by blocking alpha-2 receptor activation. [7]

However, yohimbe has a small dosing range, meaning it only works safely when taken in certain amounts. Even as little as 40 mg yohimbine a day causes side effects such as blood pressure changes, seizure, and paralysis. [7] We don’t know how much yohimbine is in ProSupps Vanish, but it may be more than 40 mg.

Is ProSupps Vanish Safe?

Chances are likely ProSupps Vanish causes side effects. The yohimbe content in particular is worrying.

Along with the caffeine, yohimbe could significantly affect heart rate and blood pressure, which raises risk of heart attack and stroke.

How Do You Take ProSupps Vanish?

Take one capsule in the morning on an empty stomach, and another capsule 5 to 6 hours later. Do not exceed 2 capsules in a 24-hour period. Consult with a physician before taking ProSupps Vanish.

Should You Buy ProSupps Vanish?

ProSupps Vanish does contain good ingredients. However, due to side effect risk, I would not suggest getting too excited about it.


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