Purus Labs Creagyn

Purus Labs Creagyn is set to hit the market in a month’s time. An official ingredient formula hasn’t been released yet. However, despite a lot of unknowns, the supplement community is already crazy in anticipation.

Here’s a closer look at everything there is to know about Purus Labs Creagyn. As soon as more information is released by Purus Labs, this review will be updated. So, don’t forget to check back!

At Least 2 Key Ingredients

Purus Labs Creagyn will feature at least 2 key ingredients: MagnaPower and HydroMax.

A look at MagnaPower shows that this is a creatine that has been bonded with magnesium for improved absorption and bioavailability.

The company that manufactures MagnaPower indicates that studies have shown “it most strongly regenerated energy needed for anaerobic performance.” [1]

Creatine in general is excellent for resistance exercise, improving intracellular water and also improving muscle function.

The second ingredient we know about so far, HydroMax, is a glycerol and silica proprietary formulation that is said to offer improved hydration and endurance. [2] Supplementing with this ingredient may essentially mean better muscle pumps as well, along with improved workout performance.


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