MCTs in general are effective in aiding workout performance, fat burn, and even overall well-being. Also, Quest MCT Oil is affordable.Consequently, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Quest MCT Oil, or any MCT oil supplements for additional energy and weight-loss support.

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Quest MCT Oil is a supplement that provides medium chain triglycerides to help people burn fat and provide a good storage of energy to utilize during workouts.

I got my hands on a bottle. Here’s a closer look at the research behind MCTs, so you can decide if Quest MCT Oil is an effective supplement to consider.

The Profile

Quest MCT Oil provides 7 g of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs are a saturated fat that, due to its unique molecular structure, is absorbed directly into the liver via the portal vain to be used as energy and also increase thermogenesis.

Research shows MCTs supplementation and substituting them for long chain triglycerides can help combat obesity. [1]

Additionally, athletes supplement with MCTs for improved lean muscle mass accrual. [2] Medical authorities indicate that MCTs are quickly metabolized as fuel, [3] consequently, they are quite desirable for those that workout at intense levels.

How Should You Use Quest MCT Oil

Quest MCT Oil can be used in a variety of ways, which is why it is so popular.

Some people cook MCT Oil into recipes for additional fat burning, energy-boosting benefits.

A very popular way of supplementing with Quest MCT Oil is by throwing a scoop into your protein shakes. As it is a powdered supplement, you’ll most likely want to utilize a shaker cup to mix the protein powder and MCT powder for optimal mixability.

Are There Any Side Effects?

MCT’s are a form of fat. Medical authorities indicate that MCTs are regarded as safe for most people. Though, they may cause nausea, diarrhea, and stomach discomfort in some individuals. [2]

Also, those that have diabetes or liver problems may want to avoid supplementing and ingesting MCTs. MCTs are metabolized in the liver, which may cause individuals with liver problems additional issues. Also, chemicals called ketones are collected and built up in the body in reaction to MCTs, which may cause some problems for diabetics.

Availability and Pricing

One bottle provides 50 servings and costs $30.

Competing MCT oil supplements retail for around this same price. Overall, Quest MCT Oil seems fairly affordable especially considering the amount of servings you get each bottle. Each serving averages out to be $0.60.

MCTs in general are effective in aiding workout performance, fat burn, and even overall wellbeing. Consequently, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any MCT Oil, especially Quest MCT Oil.

If you have tried out Quest MCT Oil, or if you have experimented with supplemental MCT oil in recipes, leave a comment below about your experience -I’d love to hear about them.


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