Muscle-Building Multivitamin

Okay, but not for the average user

Staminex is a very high-priced supplement, but bodybuilders might be interested if they have a few extra dollars laying around.

  • Ingredient Quality
  • Safety
  • Long-Term Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Value

Lewis Labs has been in business since around 1973 producing nutritional products that are sold around the world. Staminex is a concentrated formula of nutritional ingredients that Lewis Labs claims is their best product!

Staminex contains over 40 necessary vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are needed on a daily basis for proper health and energy.

Staminex is designed for adult men or women who want a good multivitamin supplement that provides extra nutrients that helps build muscles and increase energy while replenishing vitamins and minerals after a rigorous workout.

One of the main components of Staminex is beef liver that is imported from Argentina. Why imported? Evidently the Argentine government does not allow their beef herds to be contaminated with growth hormones or chemicals.

Beef liver is packed with vitamin B 12 among other nutrients, which help in repairing damaged nerve tissue, provides energy and increases thermogenics.

Staminex Key Ingredients

The ‘key’ ingredients come from the wheat germ, and beef liver. All main vitamins and minerals are in the formula plus many other nutrients that provide special benefits for bodybuilders.

• Linolenic Acid 1000 mg: provides you will get some good Omega 3 fatty acids support. Linolenic acid isn’t produced by the body, you only get it through diet or supplement.

• Linoleic Acid 1200 mg: not the same as Linolenic acid. This acid works as an antioxidant, weight loss aid, muscle builder, anti-cancer agent, and increases calorie expenditure (thermogenesis).

• Beef liver imported from Argentina: provides enormous amount of vitamin B 12, vitamin A, is a natural source of iron and folic acid. Helps build muscle and burn fat.

• Octocosanol: lowers cholesterol, treats Parkinson’s symptoms, improves athletic performance, and reduces tumor growth.

• Papain: can reduce prostate inflammation, acts as a digestive enzyme, thus aiding in digestion, and is used to treat skin wounds.

• Inositol: functions closely with choline as one of the main components of cell membranes, helps reduce depression, helps you sleep, aids in the growth of cells in the bone marrow, eye membranes, and intestines, reduces fatty build up in the body, especially the liver.

• Choline: component found in the beef liver ‘above’, it’s functions are similar to B vitamins, needed in cell membranes, also protects liver from fat accumulation,

Staminex the GOOD

• No synthetic chemicals or additives
• Claims to give energy and mental alertness
• Complete range of vitamins and minerals from good sources

Staminex the BAD

• Need to add flavor if you want it
• High priced
• Each serving has to be ‘made’

Staminex Price and Return Policy

The top price for 16 ounces of Staminex formula is $23.89. The price will drop, but just a smidgen, if you shop around the internet for discounts. The lowest you will pay is around $15.00 dollars.

There are only 15 servings in a container (3 tbsp. per serving). Most consumers would consider that an expensive supplement to say the least.

I cant’s find any mention of a money back guarantee on the company website. Lewis Labs has been in business over forty years, and claim to provide the best products on the market, and still no guarantee on their products.

Final Thoughts on Staminex

Staminex is a very high-priced supplement, but bodybuilders might be interested if they have a few extra dollars laying around.