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Too risky to be worth it

Sterodrol could increase testosterone levels and prevent the testosterone-to-estrogen conversion. However, the disadvantages to this product outweigh most of the benefits. It is weaker than top-rated testosterone supplements and can cause side effects.

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Since steroids continue to be banned from all professional sports, weightlifters are looking for legal alternatives to get the muscle mass they want. Sterodrol is a pro-hormone said to be designed to give the results of steroids, while still being legal.

PharmaPro, the makers of Sterodrol, say their supplement can help build lean muscle mass, increase muscle volume and density, give more endurance, inhibit estrogen, and even enhance your sex drive.

These are the claims of a typical testosterone booster, so let’s see of Sterodrol can differentiate itself from the rest.

Sterodrol Formula

Sterodrol uses a stacked formula to get maximum results. It works as both a testosterone booster and an aromatase inhibitor. Let’s go over some of the ingredients in each formula to see what they are and what they do.

Testosterone Boosters

T. Alatus Del is a pro-hormone that has been shown to boost testosterone and other important hormones. It is closely related to the ingredient tribulus terrestris, which is sometimes used to accomplish the same results. However, while the effects of tribulus terrestris remain in doubt, tribulus alatus has been gaining favor in the bodybuilding community.

T. alatus increases the amount of free testosterone, which means it can be used anywhere in the bloodstream and will not eventually lead to higher estrogen levels.
Physalis Somnifera, also known as Indian Ginseng, is an adaptogenic that is said to lead to maximum muscle size, density, and strength. It is also used as an aphrodisiac, diuretic, and sedative. Ginseng is also said to improve energy levels, which can indirectly help you gain muscle.

However, you will have to be patient to see results from this ingredient. The University of Mexico states that it can take up to 16 individual workouts to notice a difference while using ginseng supplementation.

By boosting testosterone levels, these ingredients can positively impact muscle growth, strength, and endurance. But increasing testosterone levels is only part of the equation. Your body will convert testosterone into estrogen which causes many weightlifters—both steroid users and not—to hit a plateau.

Aromatase Inhibitors

Reynoutria Japonica is a plant extract often called Japanese Knotweed. It works by blocking estrogen receptors and inhibiting Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), which latches onto testosterone and prevents it from being used to gain muscle. However, no studies have substantiated these claims.
Hebanthe Paniculata, or suma root, is a form of ginseng that acts as an adaptogen. This means it can help the body cope with stress and increase energy levels. Ironically, it also results in higher estrogen production because it strengthens the adrenal glands and mimics the effects of estrogen.
Urtica Galeopsifolia, also known as Fen Nettle, has a history of use in bodybuilding to increase free testosterone by inhibiting SHBG. However, stinging nettle has been proven to be more effective than stingless nettle, which is present here. It remains to be seen whether fen nettle can also stimulate these results.

Sterodrol also contains Maxsportion, a trademarked extract of piper nigrum that is clinically-proven to enhance absorption of all of these ingredient during digestion.

Sterodrol Effectiveness

Sterodrol’s ingredient label shows complete ingredient information. This information is something that manufacturers rarely provide. It helps users to see exactly what ingredients and how much of each one are in the testosterone supplement.

In our analysis of the ingredients, we found that the doses Sterodrol uses are effective and should boost and maintain testosterone levels, barring a few less effective ingredients like fen nettle and suma root.

Unfortunately, as a pro-hormone, Sterodrol causes the same side effects that regular steroids do. Users reported common side effects including increased acne and irritability.

Along with that, many users are disappointed with the results that Sterodrol offers. Because it is weaker than actual steroids, but still has the side effects, many people stopped using Sterodrol.

Sterodrol Price and Guarantee

The lowest online price for Sterodrol is $74.00. The official retailer, which sells Sterodrol for $79.95<, does not offer a money back guarantee on products that have been opened.

Each bottle of Sterodrol holds 120 capsules. The recommended dose is two capsules twice a day. You are supposed to take them with your first and last meals of the day, though most users have said that this dosage is too weak. You may want to plan on increasing your dosage if side effects aren’t too strong.

Our Recommendation

Sterodrol could increase testosterone levels and prevent the testosterone-to-estrogen conversion. However, the disadvantages to this product outweigh most of the benefits. It is weaker than top-rated testosterone supplements and can cause side effects.

Since we don’t think Sterodrol is one of the best testosterone supplements, we don’t recommend that you try it and risk your health and your money. We also recommend that you only try products with money back guarantees so you don’t risk anything.