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Syntheroid appears to be a promising testosterone supplement. Its ingredient profile alone is enough to convince me it is worth trying.

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Syntheroid is a testosterone-boosting supplement designed to increase the body’s natural production of testosterone and boost libido.

As a result of increased natural testosterone production, energy levels increase as well as the ability to burn fat.

Let’s take a look at the information available surrounding Syntheroid.

What’s Under the Cap?

Syntheroid combines several potent ingredients in its formula. Here’s what research has to say about some of the key ingredients:

D-Aspartic Acid
This ingredient is used to increase natural testosterone production, and both animal and human studies support this benefit.

During one study, 43 men were given a D-aspartate supplement or a placebo for 12 days. As a result, testosterone production enhanced. Additionally, D-aspartic acid was shown to regulate the release and synthesis of luteinizing hormone, a hormone that triggers leydig cell production of testosterone. [1]

Fenusterols (Fenugreek Seed Extract
Fenugreek seed extract is studied for its ability to increase testosterone and also assist weight loss.

One study shows fenugreek supplementation combined with resistance-training over an 8-week period resulted in improved body fat percentage, and total and bioavailable testosterone when compared to a placebo. [2]

Tribulus Terrestris
Tribulus terrestris has been shown to improve testosterone levels. During a 20-day study, athletes supplemented with a tribulus terrestris supplement and experienced an increase in blood testosterone concentration during the first 10 days. [3]

Horny Goat Weed
This ingredient is mainly used for its icariin content, a chemical shown to mimic testosterone’s properties. [4]

Is Syntheroid Safe?

Syntheroid’s ingredients are powerful. Consequently, some users may experience short-term, mild side effects. However, users can avoid these side effects by taking a smaller dose to begin. Once tolerance is assessed and if you respond favorably, increase the dose to the recommended amount.

Is Syntheroid Affordable?

Compared to other testosterone supplements with similar ingredients, Syntheroid is very affordable. The best place to purchase it is from the XPISupplements official site. Buying there means you are covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee, and they offer free shipping. Additionally, if you get multiple bottles, they throw in another free bonus supplement. Here is the price breakdown:

• 1 Bottle – $59.95
• 2 Bottles – $109.95 with free shipping and a free bottle of Xtreme ZMA
• 3 Bottles – $149.95 with free shipping and 3 free bottles of Xtreme ZMA

You can get more information on the prices and shipping here.

Final Thoughts On Syntheroid

Syntheroid appears to be a promising testosterone supplement. Its ingredient profile alone is enough to convince me it is worth trying.

As of now, there aren’t any user reviews. I look forward to reading them when they are available. Also, check back for more information on Syntheroid.I will update this review with information about pricing and usage instructions when the company releases this information. So, check back!

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