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Finding something legal and over-the-counter that works in the for most consumers is difficult. However your chances of getting a dud are less when you buy a good supplement like Testosyn from a quality company like XPI. We’ve found Testosyn to be the best all-around testosterone booster on the market – especially for the very competitive price of $59.95.

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You probably know there are issues and side effects that come with testosterone boosters, especially prescription testosterone medications.

But what people are saying about Testosyn makes it one of the most interesting testosterone boosters currently on the market today.

Some folks will tell you they’re either not worth it or to wait until you’re pushing 40 before to even considering taking a testosterone booster.

That’s not what people have been saying about Testosyn. People really seem to love their results whether they’re primarily taking it to enhance their workouts or to overcoming declining testosterone levels as they age.

There is proof that testosterone boosters do work and some can definitely help no matter your age to increase muscle mass, enhance energy and improve strength. Keep in mind that a testosterone booster like Testosyn is designed to induce, or stimulate the body into producing more testosterone, not replace it.

Testosteorne boosters have always been popular among body builders – which is about two-thirds of our readers – because they can help create and maintain muscle mass. But they can also increase your libido levels if that’s a concern of yours and help you feel more energized even as you age.

So of all the testosterone boosters, do we like Testosyn? Is it has the whole package: solid ingredients, well-respected manufacturer, and a good consumer support system?

Of course you can find out more and order by visiting the official site by clicking here.

Ingredients in Testosyn

Let’s look under the hood and see what drives Testosyn:

A couple of things to point out here:

300 mg of Tribulus Terrestris. You just went from a minivan to sports car. 650 mg of the best testo boosting ingredient is a really good thing. TT works by infusing a luteinizing hormone into the body, which then stimulates testosterone production and all the positives that come from that. The ingredient has been around for about 20 years or so and is still kicking. The key here is the punch from Testosyn is gonna be greater because of the strong dosage of TT.

300 mg of Fenusterols. Again, the right amount. Fenusterols is an extract from the fenugreek seed, which contains a number of testosterone boosting saponins. These saponins are important in the development of free testosterone in the body. You see this supplement used in a number of boosters.

100 mg of Horny Goat Weed. Some might wonder why XPI included such a strong dosage of Horny Goat Weed because it actually doesn’t directly help with muscle building.  Rather, it’s designed to maximize potential and testosterone production. Horny Goat Weed is often included in supplements as a way to increase energy, support muscle growth/maintenance, and prevent soreness.

Everything else in the formula is very basic. I do like that they include at least 100 mg of even the least significant ingredient. Testosyn packs a punch – not the sissy, schoolgirl you-said-what-about-me kinda of punch.

We should also mention the final ingredient, BioPerine; this guy helps deliver all the supplements in Testosyn’s formula to the all the right places. It acts like a more efficient UPS truck making sure things get to where they need with full impact.

Consumer Treatment

Consumer treatment is where we examine how the product manufacture takes care of the consumer’s needs. We rate everything on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the obvious best. For the most part the consumer is treated quite well on Testosyn; but we do have a few minor bones to pick.

Website: 10

The website is informative and detailed. All the key links like hotlines, customer chats, guarantees and product information are right there and easy to find. Here’s what their main page looks like right now.

In our estimation, this is the trifecta coming together: a hotline, guarantee information (both located at the top of the page) and good supplement information (can’t see it from the screen capture above, but you can see it on their home page). Also they deserve a gold star for publishing their ingredient profile and avoiding a massive proprietary blend.

If you’ve ever browsed the web for supplements you know there are A LOT of shady companies out there. Good website, videos, customer support all are strong indicators the company is at least attempting to be reputable – which what you see here with Testosyn.

Customer Service: 9

The number is right on top of the home page. Took under 30 seconds to get a rep on the phone and he was informative. The guy did seem to be a little robotic in his responses but I got all my questions answered.

Money-Back Guarantee: 9

Testosyn offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Companies used to offer lifetime money-back guarantees, but I don’t see that as much any more. The new norm seems to be 30-day guarantees so for Testosyn to offer a 90-day guarantee is triple what most companies offer.

Buying Testosyn

To get the best support, including the 90-day guarantee, buying from the official site is usually the best option. However, there are a few different stores that carry Testosyn as well.

StorePriceShippingBuy Now
esupplements.com$49.95FreeBuy Now
XPISupplememnts$59.99FreeBuy Now
Amazon$50.00FreeBuy Now

If you don’t mind a slightly shorter guarantee, eSupplements can save you some money.

Our Opinion of Testosyn

Finding something legal and over-the-counter that works in the for most consumers is difficult. However your chances of getting a dud are less when you buy a good supplement like Testosyn from a quality company like XPI.

In full disclosure we have a small man crush on Testosyn. Sorry, but it’s hard not to get a little twittered when you take a look at the product. As far as testosterone boosters go, we haven’t found anything better – especially for the very competitive price of $59.95.