All-Natural HGH Releaser

Not worth the price

With poor customer reviews, strong side effects, and ingredients that are not connected to the promotion of HGH, we would not recommend this supplement if you are looking for serious muscle building.

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  • Negative Side Effects

HGH supplements are becoming all the rage these days, and Tropinex AQ is yet another supplement jumping on the bandwagon.

This product is made by a company called Sports Image. We’re usually good at keeping tabs on all the major supplement manufactures but this name didn’t ring a bell.

After a little investigation we found that Sports Image is just an offshoot of BPI Sports, a common name in the supplement world. If you’ve ever taken any of their stuff, I would expect Tropinex AQ to be pretty similar.

Like so many other HGH products, Tropinex AQ is a growth hormone releasing formula that provides a proprietary blend of peptides and all-natural herbs. Supposedly this HGH formula will not only promote an increase in HGH, but it may even provide you with healthier joints, bones, and connective tissues as well as an increase in muscle mass.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

However, we know that there are more to HGH supplements than meets the eye, so we decided to look further into Tropinex AQ to see what we could find.

Why HGH?

HGH is a hormone that your body naturally releases. Growth hormone is the “get bigger, stronger, and more beautiful hormone” in your body. HGH has many known effects, some of which include increasing muscle mass, stimulating the immune system, and stimulating growth and regeneration<.

Your body makes plenty of this hormone while you are younger; you need all you can get to sustain your growth spurts and youthful energy. When you reach your mid to late twenties, however, your body slowly starts to cut back on the production of HGH.

One way to slow down and/or stop this unfortunate aging process is to get your body to produce more HGH. That is where Tropinex AQ comes in.

How Does Tropinex AQ Promote HGH?

Like most HGH supplements, Tropinex AQ does not deliver a direct dose of growth hormone. Instead, it provides natural ingredients that will stimulate the pituitary gland in your brain to release more growth hormone.
Here’s a look at what those ingredients are and what they do.

Vitamin D3 (450 IU) is vital for men who wish to trigger the release of testosterone. It stimulates the androgen glands to produce more of the male sex hormone, which in turn helps you to build more muscle. Vitamin D3 has also been proven in a 1985 study to trigger greater growth hormone production in rats, though these results have yet to be replicated.

Alseodaphne Andersonii is a laurel plant present in China and other South East Asian countries. It has been researched for use as an antibacterial substance, which may help to keep your immune system healthy while you work out, but there is no documented research on its effect on muscle growth.

Alstonia Macrophylla W. is another herbal extract from a plant called the Devil Tree. Like Alseodaphne, its effects seem to revolve mostly around immune boosting. It has been used as a remedy against malaria, toothache, and snake bites. As it relates to muscles, WebMD notes that it can soothe muscle pain, possibly giving you better recovery time.

Sambucus Australis, also known as the Southern Elder, hails from North American and has been used to treat muscle pain. However, there is growing evidence that elderberry could actually cause muscle spasms. It also works as a laxative, a diuretic, and a germ-killer, which makes it popular for use in flu or cold cases.

Ficus Bengalensis is found in India, and extracts from this tree have been tested and used for everything from met tenderizing to removing intestinal worms. There is no evidence that it has ever been thought of as a growth hormone enhancer, however, except for its inclusion in this formula.

Pueraria Thumbergiana B., more commonly known as kudzu, is a climbing vine native to Japan and China. Like the other ingredients in this formula, it seems to have been used more commonly to treat muscle pain rather than aid muscle growth. It has also been shown to lower blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Eucommiae Cortex is a small tree native to China whose bark is highly valued for its ability to relieve joint pain and treat high blood pressure. Again, this seems to have more to do with preserving existing muscle than promoting HGH to build greater muscles.

How Do I Take Tropinex AQ?

The accompanying instructions for Tropinex AQ recommend taking one pill on an empty stomach in the morning, but customer reviews have revealed that doing so leaves you feeling jittery and anxious, with severe mood swings and an “on edge” feeling.

To counteract this, we would recommend taking Tropinex AQ with food or just before your workout so that the side effects have time to wear off.

The Good

• Tropinex AQ is not a hormone supplement. This supplement claims to be a peptide releasing hormone that stimulates the pituitary gland’s release of human growth hormone.

• The main ingredients look like they are all herbal and all-natural, which means you don’t have to worry about chemicals or long term negative side effects.

• As an added bonus, you only have to take one pill of Tropinex AQ per day, whereas other supplements may require you to take more than one pill, multiple times a day.

The Bad

• Vitamin D3 is the only ingredient that has shown promise for increasing growth hormone levels. The others seem to have more to do with muscle recovery.

• The ingredients are included in a proprietary blend, which means it is impossible to know just how much of each ingredient you’re getting in Tropinex AQ.

• Customer reviews found online say the product doesn’t work well, and only seems to boost energy and promote better recovery.

• At $89.99 for a month’s supply, this product is among the more expensive on the market.

• There i sno money-back guarantee associated with this product, so you will be out the money if it doesn’t work.

Our Recommendation

With poor customer reviews, strong side effects, and ingredients that are not connected to the promotion of HGH, we would not recommend this supplement if you are looking for serious muscle building.

It may do some good in terms of recovery and immune boosting, but for $90.00, you should expect something quite a bit stronger.

We recommend that you shop around and find a more affordable supplement that can give you the energizing results you’re looking for, without keeping all its information under lock and key.