Advanced Three-Isolate Protein

Excellent comprehensive protein supplement

I like USPlabs Modern PROTEIN, a lot. It has the best all-around protein blend I’ve ever seen, with extremely good ingredients and no fillers.

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USPlabs has just announced a brand-new protein supplement, Modern PROTEIN!

Using 3 different forms of protein, USPlabs claims their new product is a high-quality blend of premium isolate proteins.

I’m a fan of protein powders, especially ones that claim to use new formulas, so I took a closer look at what makes Modern PROTEIN special.

What’s In It?

Protein Blend – 23 grams

Whey Protein Isolate

Whey isolate is simply the filtered form of whey concentrate, the most commonly-used protein. While concentrate contains about 70% pure protein, isolate is 98% pure protein.

Its purity makes whey isolate an excellent choice for athletes carefully tracking macronutrients. It digests over a period of 4 hours and contains a complete amino acid profile. [1]

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate

Whey hydrolysate is an interesting type of protein because it is designed to be immediately absorbed.

It’s created by breaking down whey isolate into amino acids. This means that it does not have to digest in the stomach and can be immediately absorbed and used for muscle growth. It’s the go-to protein for fast release. [2]

Milk Protein Isolate

Milk isolate is a long-release protein source made up of mostly casein, with a small amount of whey. Casein forms a mass in the stomach that takes up to 8 hours to break down. This gives muscles a constant stream of amino acids, promoting long-term anabolism. [3]

By using whey isolate, hydrolysate, and milk isolate, Modern PROTEIN delivers immediate, mid-term, and long protein release for maximum protein synthesis.

Not only does it provide full protein release for 8 hours, because it uses pure protein forms, Modern PROTEIN isn’t bogged down by any fillers or additives.

Where Can I Buy It?

Unfortunately, Modern PROTEIN hasn’t yet been released, so we don’t know how much it costs. USPlabs will undoubtedly offer it from their official website, with a wider release to come.

It’s a very advanced supplement that uses the highest-quality protein, so I imagine Modern Protein will be more expensive than your normal whey powder.

It will be available in chocolate or vanilla flavor.

Pick It or Pitch It?

I like USPlabs Modern PROTEIN, a lot. It has the best all-around protein blend I’ve ever seen, with extremely good ingredients and no fillers.

The only thing that would turn me off about the product is an overly high price tag. Thankfully, USPlabs isn’t known for ridiculously-priced supplements.

I’ll keep you updated as more information is released about Modern PROTEIN!


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