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Vydexafil uses clinically-proven ingredients to create a safe, effective male enhancement supplement. After examining the formula and the manufacturer’s business practices, I feel comfortable recommending this product.

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If you’re not satisfied with the performance you’ve been delivering in the bedroom, a great way to spice things up is by using a male enhancement supplement.

With promises to deliver harder, thicker erections and longer-lasting sex, Vydexafil seems to blend in with the crowd. However, this supplement is already generating buzz, and I wanted to know why.

To discover the secret behind Vydexafil, I looked at the product’s formula, possible side effects, and business practices of the backing company.

What Ingredients Are in Vydexafil?

To meet these advertising claims, Vydexafil uses a fairly simple 6-ingredient design.

I like formulas like this because they include space for each ingredient to be included in its recommended quantity, rather than stuffing several ingredients in insufficient amounts in an overcrowded capsule.

However, Vydexafil’s effectiveness hinges on what these ingredients are. Let’s take a look.

D-Aspartic Acid (1200 mg)
D-aspartic acid, or d-aspartate, is an amino acid produced in the pituitary gland. It boosts sexual performance by increasing production of luteinizing hormone (LH).

LH travels to the testicles, where it stimulates greater testosterone production. And of course, more testosterone means better sex.

D-aspartic acid is also clinically-proven. In one study, men taking this amino acid increased their T-levels by more than 40% in 12 days. [1]

Fenugreek (300 mg)
This herbal extract has long been used to reverse symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It works by increasing libido. In a 2011 study, fenugreek increased measures of male libido by 28% in test subjects between the ages of 25 and 52. [2]

If your sexual desire is waning, fenugreek is the ingredient for you.

Agmatine Sulfate (500 mg)
Agmatine is a byproduct of the amino acid arginine. Arginine expands blood vessels to increase blood flow. [3]

Not only does this improve circulating testosterone levels, it allows more blood to flow to the penis. This helps you achieve and maintain a more impressive erection.

Tribulus Terrestris (250 mg)
An herbal extract commonly used to boost testosterone levels, tribulus terrestris is also popular in the male enhancement industry. Anecdotal evidence suggests tribulus terrestris raises T-levels and enhances libido in humans, and the effects are actually proven in rats. [4]

Eurycoma Longifolia (100 mg)
Eurycoma longifolia is another ingredient that improves sexual performance by raising testosterone levels. In fact, eurycoma longifolia is especially effective as it lowers the testosterone-binding SHBG protein.

This increases free testosterone levels. In one study, eurycoma longifolia lowered SHBG by 30% to raise circulating testosterone levels by 400%. [5]

Horny Goat Weed (100 mg)
Just like its name implies, horny goat weed is a powerful aphrodisiac. It’s so powerful that some refer to it as the “next Viagra.” It works by increasing sex drive and libido, effects that have been scientifically observed. [6]

Like agmatine, horny goat weed increases nitric oxide levels and therefore blood flow.

It looks like the Vydexafil manufacturers have done their homework. Each ingredient in this blend is all-natural and proven effective. Furthermore, each is included in its proven amount.

This is a rarity in the supplement industry, and even more rare in male enhancement supplements. So far, all is well with Vydexafil. Now let’s see if there are any downsides to this formula.

Can Vydexafil Cause Side Effects?

The Vydexafil formula seems to work pretty well, but will it cause more pain than pleasure?

Most of the side effects are caused by high doses and excessive use of some of the ingredients, so they aren’t something you have to deal with if you use Vydexafil. With any supplement, drink plenty of water and eat healthy meals.

Is Vydexafil Expensive?

No. I was actually surprised at Vydexafil’s affordability. On, you can get 1 bottle for $39.95 and $4.95 flat-rate shipping within the U.S.

Other options of include:

• 2 bottles for $79.95, plus free shipping and a free bottle of Xtreme HGH, an anti-aging and muscle-supporting supplement
• 3 bottles for $109.95, plus free shipping and 3 free bottles of Xtreme HGH

Each order on is covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee. Under this guarantee, you have 90 days to try Vydexafil, decide whether or not it’s right for you, and send it back if it’s not.

You’ll receive a full refund, less shipping, for 1 used bottle and any other unopened bottles. This ensures there’s little to no risk involved with Vydexafil.

This is a reassuring feature, but I want to know if it’s a promise Vydexafil can keep. To determine that, I checked out Vydexafil’s customer service.

How’s Vydexafil’s Customer Service?

If you want to take advantage of the Vydexafil money-back guarantee, you’ll need to first get in touch with Vydexafil customer service. This can sometimes be a hairy task, as many companies avoid refund requests from customers by ignoring emails or not picking up the phone.

To test Vydexafil’s response, I used their live chat feature on The representative who spoke with me was helpful and informative.

You can also contact customer service by calling 1-866-859-282, or emailing

With these diverse options for contacting Vydexafil, I don’t anticipate any problems getting your refund from this company.

Should You Try Vydexafil?

Vydexafil uses clinically-proven ingredients to create a safe, effective male enhancement supplement. After examining the formula and the manufacturer’s business practices, I feel comfortable recommending this product.


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