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I appreciate the nutrition information and labeling on Xtend-Life; however, I’d like to see ingredient labels on the skincare products, so customers know exactly what they are using. Some of the products may be overpriced, based on the use of only one or two ingredients, but overall the products include a higher than average number of ingredients, such as the Total Balance multivitamins.

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Xtend-Life is a skincare and supplement company that guarantees better health, longevity, and younger looking skin with all-natural products.

The company motto is “Love life. Live longer.” Chairman and founder, Warren Mathews, says he wishes to see people live a long, happy, healthy life. He believes his products provide that, without making customers compromise quality and price.

I’ve researched the company, its philosophies, products, and customer’s experiences to give you a look into Xtend-Life to see if it’s worth your business.

Who Is Xtend-Life?

Xtend-Life is a supplement company based in New Zealand. It has local offices in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, and Thailand.

When Warren Mathews turned 51, he set out with his son on a quest to find proper supplements that would extend his life. He was disappointed in the quality of what was available. With his family, he created his own company that provided quality products designed to deliver what the body needs.

The company is founded on the principles of honesty and integrity. Mathews states Xtend-Life manufactures its own supplements, uses valuable, high-quality ingredients, maintains great customer service, has accurate label information, and puts customers’ needs before making higher profit.

What Products Are Made?

Xtend-Life products focus on several areas of health. Below gives an overview of the available products.

Skin Care

The Men’s and Women’s Skincare lines feature these products: Foaming Facial Cleanser, Deep Active Cleansing Mask, Deep Active Hydrating Mask, Eye Contour Serum, and Age Defense Active Body Lotion.

Additionally, the Women’s Skincare line has: Restorative Night Cream, Whitening Day Cream, and Age Defense Active Day Cream. The Men’s Skincare line also has Age Defense Active Facial Fluid.

Products from the Men’s and Women’s lines range from $23.75-$50.75. Here is information on the most popular skincare products:

Age Defense Active Day Cream for Women $36.75. This cream is formulated to stimulate collagen growth and destroy free radical damage. One of its main ingredients, coenzyme Q10, is proven to inhibit LDL molecule oxidation, reducing oxidative skin damage. [1]

Foaming Facial Cleanser for Men and Women $23.75. This cleanser is infused with ingredients like kiwi and honey, included to bolster antioxidant properties and protect skin. Studies show kiwi prevents and reverses oxidative damage caused by free radicals. [2]


The Foundations line includes Total Balance Range, Multi-Xtra, Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil, Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil Premium, and Kiwi-Klenz. Products from the Foundations line range from $17.95-$51.50. The most popular products are described below:

Total Balance Range $30.50-$51.50. Total Balance Range comes in 7 varieties specifically formulated for children, men, and women of different ages and specifications.

These multivitamins are impressive and stand out above other products. They not only contain a long list of vitamins and minerals, they each have several specific blends formulated to condition eyes, enzymes, and amino acid support. Most ingredients meet or exceed daily requirements.

Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil $17.95. This product contains 3 sources of omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil, in addition to omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids. One source of fish oil, DHA, has specifically shown significance in normal brain functioning, preventing cognitive decline, and treating a host of conditions, such as depression and even heart disease. [3]

The Heart & Artery line includes Omega 3 QH Ultra, Cardio-Klenz, and Lipi-Rite. Products from this line range from $27.95-$48. Here’s a closer look at Lipi-Rite:

Lipi-Rite $34.95. Lipi-Rite is designed to support healthy cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health. In addition to the healthy vitamins and minerals it contains, it’s key ingredient, beta-sitosterol, has shown significant results in creating healthy lipid levels. [4]

The Brain & Nervous System line contains Neuro-Natural products in General, Recall, Sleep, and Serenity. Products from this line range from $37.95-$42.50. Neuro-Natural Sleep is popular, so here’s a brief overview:

Neuro-Natural Sleep$37.95. This natural sleep aid contains ingredients like hops and valerian root, both researched and known for treating insomnia and sleep problems. [5]

The Joints & Arthritis line contains Not Just Joints, Green Lipped Mussel Powder, and Bone-Protec. Joint & Arthritis line products range from $29.50-$42.50. Here is a peek at Green Lipped Mussel Powder:

Green Lipped Mussel Powder $31.25. This product contains one ingredient, green lipped mussel. Research has suggested this mussel has anti-inflammatory properties, and is effective in treating joint, bone, and muscle pain. [6]

The Sexual Health line includes Female Rejuvenator and Male Rejuvenator. Both are described below:

Female Rejuvenator $29.95. Female Rejuvenator is designed to control PMS and menstrual symptoms. It contains tribulus extract, which raises testosterone levels. [7] This allows libido to increase, but may cause unwanted side effects associated with increased testosterone, such as hair growth.

Unfortunately, it also contains 5-HTP, and although studies support its use, experts currently warn against using it, due to directly related cases of eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome. [8]

Male Rejuvenator $31.75. Male Rejuvenator contains quercetin, an antioxidant know to inhibit growth and kill prostate cancer cells. [9]

The Cold & Flu line includes 1 product, detailed below:

Immu-Stay $35. Immu-Stay contains ingredients like vitamin C and turmeric, known to increase immune system and fight inflammation, pain, and bacteria. [10]

How Do I Contact Xtend-Life?

Xtend-Life prides itself on its customer care. It promises its team replies to emails and phone messages within 1 business day.

To contact XtendLife:

1. Email

2. Call 1-888-487-9304

For telephone numbers outside the U.S., visit Xtend-Life’s contact page at

Are Xtend-Life Supplements Safe?

New Zealand, where the company is located, has an FDA-recognized food safety system. Xtend-Life is registered with the FDA, and meets its requirements. It is also a member of the Natural Products Association, and is audited frequently to stay up-to-par with natural regulations.

Xtend-Life is said to include natural and effective ingredients scientifically formulated and tested for effectiveness and safety. They have unique products, made from quality sources. Every batch is tested for heavy metals and micro-biological contaminants – that is something most companies rarely do.

Can You Return Products?

Every Xtend-Life product come with a 365-day, satisfaction-guarantee. Xtend-Life will refund your money or replace your product.

To receive a refund, email customer service and include:

1. Your name

2. Order number

3. Product names

4. Batch number & expiration date

5. Any concerns or other helpful information.

It may take 2 business days for a reply to a product return email.

Are There Ways To Save Money On Xtend-Life Products?

Xtend-Life offers several ways to save.

1. Orders over $300 automatically receive a 10% discount

2. Join the Xtend-Life Loyalty Program. This program saves 10% on all purchases (to maintain membership, purchases must be made at least every 95 days)

3. Any order over $60 receives free shipping – worldwide.

Do Customers Like the Products?

The reviews for each product seem to be mixed; it works for some, but it doesn’t for others. Here are 4 customer reviews for 4 different products:

Foaming Facial Cleanser. “I love the foaming facial cleanser. […]I tend to have sensitive skin with some parts dry and some parts oily – but it leaves my skin feeling really lovely – both clean and firm. […] My husband uses this too! Foaming facial wash is our favorite Xtend Life product so far.” – Kalster,

Male Rejuvenator. “I bought this with great expectation of a rejuvenated love life and male stamina but it never got there. I didn’t notice any changes in energy or in anything else if you get my drift. It may work for you but it didn’t for me. Best of luck to you.” – Double D,

Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil. “ […] This quality item has the correct amount of DHA from Omega 3 fatty acids plus other benefits. […] Shipped from New Zealand but arrived quickly. If you are serious about taking supplements that offer more for YOU and your money this product will fit the bill.” –dawn “dusk”,

Kiwi-Klenz. “I was looking for something to help regulate my system. I eat plenty of veggies and fruit but need a bit of help. This product did the opposite of help. For me it had an appetite suppressant effect and caused consitpation. Not at all what I was looking for or what the product stated it would do. It is going back.” – Sue Duhr,


Xtend-Life appears to be a respectable company that puts a lot of effort into communicating care for customers. The products seems unique, with different formulas and ingredients than many comparable supplements. I appreciate the nutrition information and labeling on the supplements; however, I’d like to see ingredient labels on the skincare products, so customers know exactly what they are using.

Some of the products may be overpriced, based on the use of only one or two ingredients, but overall the products include a higher than average number of ingredients, such as the Total Balance multivitamins.

Based on customer service, consumer reviews, price, ingredients, and company information, I would recommend purchasing Xtend-Life products.


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